Wednesday July 31, 2013

Plan Your Weekend

I-94 lanes to be shut down this weekend Click Here for Details

Divers Still Searching Whitmore Lake

The search continues for body of man believed drowned in Whitmore Lake Click Here for Story and Video

Commentary: Big Public Projects Won’t Save Detroit

New Red Wings arena should not be subsidized

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The problem with these types of flashy projects is that they get lots of media and political attention but the actual economic results are poor. The reality is that these projects, while high-profile, make up only a very small part of the overall economy. … more

Kent County Land Bank Circumvents Market To Fund Operations

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The Kent County Land Bank is acquiring tax delinquent and abandoned property of every description and reselling it. As it accumulates financial resources in this manner, the quasi-governmental entity is casting a big shadow on what had been an open and successful real estate market. … more

What’s the Motive?

Obama to offer corporate tax cuts? Click Here for Details

What is Domestic Surveillance Used For?

Can we really trust the Feds with all our info? Click Here for Story

The Verdict on Bradly Manning

Mostly guilty one not guilty Click Here for Details

McCain Doesn’t Care About Border Security

Says border surge of agents is just a pawn piece and for show Click Here for Story

Your Dollars for The Labor Unions

Tax dollars spent on labor unions Click Here for Details

Obama Tax Reform Offer Not Serious

Just another game from the left Click Here for Story

Aiding and Abetting?

US won’t stop paying Afghan contractors with militant links? Click Here fpr Details



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