Monday August 12, 2013

End of an Era

Blimpy Burger in A2 closing this week Click Here for Details

Latson Road Interchange Takes Shape

Progress being made in new interchanges Click Here for Story

Stupidity at The Top

Photo - According the the Washington Post, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell suggested no one working in the Department of Interior should challenge the idea that climate change is driven by human activity. (AP File) Secretary of the Interior says she hopes there are not climate change deniers in her ranks Click Here for Details

Conservative Slaps Down Russel Simmons

No show from Simmons on CNN Click Here for Story and Video

Trump on the Stump?

Will Donald Trump take a Presidential leap? Click Here for Story

No Plan, No Trust

US allies have no faith in Obama’s leadership in foreign affairs Click Here for Details

Will Boehner Cave on Immigration?

No word from the Boehner Camp on negotiations Click Here for Story

War by Proxy

Is the US at war with Russia via third parties? Click Here for Details

Saudi US Split

Saudis don’t support Egypt’s Morsi or the US stance on Egypt Click Here for Details

Former NSA Director Contradicts Obama?

Says no major changes in NSA Click Here for Story

What is Bitcoin?

  The future or currency or just another fad? Click Here for Details


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