Wednesday October 2, 2013

Seven Years of Boondoggle

Despite money spent looking at the alleged viability of a government subsidized train, WALLY is going nowhere Click Here for Details

Examining the Issues Surrounding Common Core

Concerns over control, structure and parental involvement surround national education standards plan

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The Michigan House passed the “Common Core Concurrent Resolution,” HCR 11, last week, but there remain concerns about the plan to create uniform standards for schools across the nation. … more

Commentary: The Detroit Narrative Will Shape the Nation

By Joseph G. Lehman | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

One might say the Mackinac Center’s biggest failure is Detroit. I’m hard pressed to name an issue on which we’ve spilled more ink and had less actual impact. But Detroit’s collapse positions us to have greater influence on cities nationwide than we ever had in Motown. … more

Detroit Threat Management: #Anarchy in Detroit, Part II

Play video below Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

GOP Keeps Passing Bills to Fund

Democrats keep saying no, they want no cuts Click Here for Details

And Here’s Why Republicans Should Stick to Their Guns

More wasteful spending shows up as government shutdown happens Click Here for Story

The Stupidity of Obamacare

1st day of rollout shows why it should be defunded Click Here for Details and Video

Obama’s EPA

Scandal ridden agency should be dissolved Click Here for Story

WWII Vets Visit Washington Memorial Despite Reid’s Shutdown

Honor Flight attendees push down barriers to attend memorial that has no need to be closed Click Here for Details

Associated Press Runs Propaganda for Obamacare

Shows Union Boss as furloughed EPA worker Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

“Plastic” found on Titan Click Here for Details

Guess Who Crafted the Disastrous Fed Health Exchange Website?

You guessed it, Obama cronies put it together Click Here for Story

A $98,000 Outhouse?

Romtec Federal government takes your money and wastes it Click Here for Details

Shut Down Another Bait and Switch by Obama

Just a distraction from all the other Obama failures Click Here for Story



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