Saturday October 5, 2013

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Uber Liberal Schauer Wants to Sway Livingston?

Obama supporter wants to be Governor of Michigan Click Here for Details

Thanks GOP: Michigan Residents Doing Better Financially

Adjusted statistics show addition of $23 billion to residents’ incomes over past three years

By Tom Gantert | 10/4/2013

In another sign Michigan’s economy is on the rebound, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis updated its reporting on the state’s personal income growth over the past few years and found that Michigan’s residents made billions more than previously stated. … more

Disrespecting Our Veterans

  Obama sends barrier reinforcements to keep veterans and tourists from the WWII Memorial Click Here for Story

Some Democrats Seeing the Light

57 House Dems vote with GOP to help fund the government as it should 1 item at a time Click Here for Details

Gross Deception by the Obama Admin on Shutdown

Spending money to close down open air sites Click Here for Story and Video

Vlad to the Rescue

by Michael Goodell

The wise folks who stuffed Obamacare down my throat decided I wasn’t capable of choosing my own insurance plan. Ever attentive to my needs, they established the Health Insurance Marketplace where I could go and find a federally approved plan. The last three days I have gone to the only place I am allowed…Click Here for More

GOP House Still Passing Funding Resolutions

Senate won’t even look at taking care of business Click Here for Details

Worst Law Ever?

Former Director of the Office of Management and Budget says it will cause America to hemorrhage financially Click Here for Details and Video


Park Rangers Out the Obama Admin

They’ve been told to make life hard Click Here for Story

Hold on To Your Wallets

What Obamacare does to your paycheck by 2015 Click Here for Details

Fear Monger in Chief

Obama Drama Road Show tries to scare public on shutdown and debt ceiling Click Here for Story

Calls It Like It Is

Boehner lashes out at Obama and the Democratic game playing Click Here for Details

Obama Uses Shutdown to Avoid Transparency

Money for unnecessary shutdowns but not FOIA delivery Click Here for Story

Killer Hornets

China has 41 dead from big aggressive poisonous hornets Click Here for Details


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