Sunday October 27, 2013

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Willow Run Bomber Plant Gets Extension

  Yankee Air Museum gets deadline extension to raise money for purchase Click Here for Story

Brighton Millage Proposals

$ proposals on ballot for Brighton voters Click Here for Story

While Local Governments Fight Food Trucks, State Subsidizes Some of Them

Food truck owner: ‘The government shouldn’t give grants to promote any business’

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Food trucks are a growing part of the cuisine scene in Michigan and nationwide, but should the government be picking winners and losers among truck owners? A program from the Michigan Economic Development Corp. does just that. … more

Failure in Chief

  Obama report card is an “F” in leadership Click Here for Details

The Squid

    Valerie Jarrett’s tentacles are everywhere in the Obama Admin as evidenced by no bid contract for Obamacare website? Click Here for Story

Another Blow to Sequester Being Bad Argument

Defense contractors still making profits despite sequester cuts Click Here for Details

Death Panels Will Call Shots based on Economics of Healthcare…

But transgender operations will be covered? Click Here for Details

Nuke Iran?

  Billionaire says negotiating with Iran is a waste of time Click Here for Story

Iran Has 34  New Nuke Sites

  Enrichment continues Click Here for Details

Rubio Backtracks on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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