Saturday December 14, 2013

Big Snow

  Up to 6 inches for Saturday Click Here for Story

US- 23 Improvements

Meeting discussed improvements and transportation options on US 23 Click Here for Details

Marijuana Clarification

  State House passes new legislation on Marijuana Click Here for Story

Commentary: Direct Cash Grants: Anti-Crony Capitalism Policies Fall Short

By James M. Hohman | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

For equitable economic growth over the long-term, it’s essential to take a no-favors approach. This promotes a fair playing field for everyone, not simply the lucky few.  … more

Michigan Teachers Trapped By August Window

Play Video Below

Bomb Plot Foiled

FBI stops Islamic extremist’s suicide bomb plot Click Here for Story

Spenders “R” Us

  Bi-Partisan budget bill goes back to unlimited spending Click Here for Details

No Transparency Indeed

   Park service redacts info from FOIA on Mt Vernon closing Click Here for Story

Boehner Ready for Immigration Surrender Next?

  Did budget deal clear path for Amnesty? Click Here for Details

Hmmm? Zero GOP Budget Support in Senate

   What’s the reason no Republican Senators support Ryan’s budget? Click Here for Story

China Tries to Stop US Warship

USS Cowpens has confrontation with Chinese Navy Click Here for Details

1st Snow in Cairo in 100 Years

  Rare weather makes global warming seem unlikely Click Here for Story

ESPN Reverses Decision

Anti religious stance reversed thanks to coverage Click Here for Details

Fooling Himself or a Secret Plan?

   Putin asks why a missile defense shield is necessary if Iran’s nuke program is going away? Click Here for Story


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