Friday January 3, 2014

Washtenaw Road Projects for 2014

    Where the money and aggravation will be Click Here for Details

 K-9 Find

Canine team finds drugs in local schools Click Here for Story

Superintendent Makes False Claim About Her Salary, Benefits

Total compensation includes money taxpayers contribute for retirement and benefits

By Tom Gantert | 1/2/2014

An Oakland County public school superintendent who makes $180,853 a year says it is misleading to say the $17,992 her district contributes for her health care and another $40,650 to cover her retirement costs are part of her total compensation. … more

Tax Cut ‘Fever’?

By Michael D. LaFaive | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The current year state budget approved last spring contains $82.6 million in new or higher fees on families and business. The politicians may not call these “tax hikes,” but the result is the same: more dollars are flowing from our pockets into government coffers. … more

Setting the Example

    Americans for Prosperity start campaign against  Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen Click Here for Details

Is This Popular App Getting You Hacked?

    Snapchat apps getting hacked Click Here for Story

New York Times Sides with Snowden

      Calls him a whistleblower who deserves clemency Click Here for Details

And the Murders Continue

       AG Eric Holder’s fast and furious guns show up at another killing scene Click Here for Details

Record Cold Temps as 2014 Starts

And snowfalls Click Here for Story and Video

The Left Covers for Hillary on Benghazi

   New lows in the media coverup to help Hillary Clinton Click Here for Details

Chinese Tycoon Wants to Buy New York Times

             It couldn’t be any worse off? Click Here for Story

Obama’s Legacy

     Survey from across the world shows US as biggest threat to peace Click Here for Details

Shadow Funding

  Which Uber Liberals financed the failed attempt to remove Scott Walker? Click Here for Story




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