Monday January 6, 2014

Be Ready for Severe Cold

  Frostbite prevention is a must Click Here for Details

Livingston County Schools Closed Monday

Snow and dangerously low temps Click Here for Story

Commentary: The World Is Getting Better and Better

By Jarrett Skorup |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

While critics claim that free trade and globalization are merely a “race to the bottom,” the world as a whole has been quietly reducing poverty, disease, famines and war by embracing the free market. … more

Extend Unemployment? But How Will We Pay for It?

Obama advisor and Dems want Unemployment extension again without spending offsets Click Here for Details

Actor May Run for Arizona Mayor?

  This Hollywood actor knows the open border is a problem Click Here for Story

Rand Paul Looks for Compromise on Snowden?

  Says a lighter sentence could bring Snowden home Click Here for Details

Iraq on Its Own

No more US troops for backsliding Iraq Click Here for Story

General Wes Clark Supports Hillary for President

  Campaign slogan and bumper sticker now ready Click Here for Details

17 Day Vacation Not Enough for First Lady

  President and daughters come home but leave First Lady in Hawaii for her birthday?Click Here for Story and Video

Another Iraqi City Falls to Terrorists

Mideast Iraq  Ramadi also overrun by Al Qaeda Click Here for Details

Payed in Full for 2014

Some wealthy Americans have already payed their years maximum Social Security payments? Click Here for Story


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