Monday March 31, 2014

U of M Out

Last minute 3 Pt downs U of M Click Here for Details

MSU Loses Too

UConn prevents Spartans from getting to final four Click Here for Story

More Problems with Ferndale Teacher Contract

Ignores state laws regarding seniority, evaluations

By Audrey Spalding |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Large portions of the teachers union contract in Ferndale still appear to be in violation of other state laws. Ferndale is one of an estimated 60 percent of Michigan districts that have worked to preserve collective bargaining language that is prohibited by state law. … more

Rogers Explains Decision

  Reasons for leaving Congress  Click Here for Details

O-Care Book Cooking?

Is the Obama Admin lying about the numbers? Click Here for Story


  Obama foreign tour gets him nothing Click Here for Details

Is the Big One Coming?

Geo-physicist says even bigger quakes could be near Click Here for Story

Go Figure

  Obamacare hasn’t made dent in the uninsured Click Here for Details

Can Diplomacy Work in Crimea?

  Kerry and Lavrov keep talking about Ukraine Click Here for Story

Total Embarassment?

O-care supporters look stupid as they protest the Hobby Lobby case Click Here for Details and Video




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