Saturday May 10, 2014

See Washtenaw Judge Candidates This Morning

Forums this morning from 10 am to noon Click Here for Details

Union Surrenders Member Benefits To Keep Unenforceable Clause In Contract

Some teachers could lose as much as $12,700

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A union representing workers in the Wyoming Public Schools district gave up as much as $12,700 in annual salary and concessions that would have been paid to its members so the union could keep language in the contract that makes the payment of dues or fees mandatory as a condition of employment. … more

Commentary: Small Business Owner – An Increased Minimum Wage Hurts Everyone

By Kevin KellyThe magnitude of the proposed minimum wage increase will have a dramatic impact on the restaurant industry. I would venture to say few industries, if any, in Michigan are capable of absorbing this percentage increase in costs when labor already represents 30 to 35 percent of every dollar spent by the consumer. … more

Pushing the Green Scam

Will Obama’s executive order to push solar energy give even more money to high tech scammers? Click Here for Details

 Tom Cotton Slams Dems Over Phony Benghazi Fundraising Outrage

Play video below


Does outgoing Congressman Mike Rogers know more about Benghazi than he is revealing? Click Here for Story

Dems Stifling Jobs?

   Keeping natural gas and pipeline jobs from becoming a reality Click Here for Details

Why Did Hillary NOT Put Nigerian Girl Kidnappers on Terrorist List?

  Refused to to  label Boko Haram a Terror Group Click Here for Story

Hiding the Facts?

   Dept if Justice scrubbing Cartel info from torture cases? Click Here for Details

Blocking the Blaze?

   Is Comcast keeping this news outlet from getting access to cable till after election Click Here for Story

Common Core Re-Branding

Not so fast…Click Here for Details

Mystery US war plane sparks UFO conspiracies

Real or Not? Play Video Below

Russia Boasts its Own Military

    Celebrating victory over the Nazis with todays modern weapons Click Here for Story

Obama Gives Equal Access to Schools for Illegals

Ignoring the law again? Click Here for Details

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