Saturday May 24, 2014

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Salute to Our Vets and Troops

Ronald Reagan reminded us take a minute and watch

Denier in Chief?

  Obama Admin’s crisis response is questionable Click Here for Details

Guilt Induced Common Core

    Outrageous explantion from teacher who allegedly helped write common core? Click Here for Story

U.S. District Judge Matthew Leitman Tramples Michigan Law

Reinstates John Conyers to the Ballot despite not having enough signatures Click Here for Story

Food Prices Jumping

F   Feds say food prices will jump for remainder of 2014 Click Here for Story

Democrats Support Bad Performance at the VA

Democrat led Senate turns down House bill to make it easier to fire bad personnel seving our veterans Click Here for Details

Kerry Joins the Foot in Mouth Crowd

   Flubs numbers in climate speech Click Here for Story

More Stupidity from Nancy

   Pelosi wants to blame VA scandal on Bush too Click Here for Details

We Should Pay Iran?

Sanctions since the Iranian Hostage Crisis have cost Iran billions and they think we should pay for it? Click Here for Story

Fast and Furious Scandal Not Done?

Admission by DOJ could lead to more documents being releeased Click Here for Details


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