Wednesday August 20, 2014

 Charges Authorized in Dog Attack

Father and son in Northfield Township charged in dog attack Click Here for Details

Four County Fall Festival?

Barnstormer owner wants festival to help fund his renovation Click Here for Story

Ferguson Police Officer Attacked Before Shooting

Newly released info says bone damage to face was inflicted by Michael Brown Click Here for Details

State Budget Savings Idea: Eliminate Revenue Sharing

Arguably no one in Michigan has made more recommendations to reform the state budget — literally hundreds of them worth billions of dollars — than Mackinac Center policy analysts. … more

MCPP@work, August Opt Opt with F. Vincent Vernuccio

Play Video Courtesy of Mich Cap Con


State School Rankings Mostly Measuring Race and Income Rather Than Performance

Top-to-Bottom ratings rely heavily on student economic background

Nearly four out of five students in the bottom 5-percent of schools in the Michigan Department of Education’s Top-To-Bottom Ratings for 2013-14 were eligible for the free lunch program. Only about 11 percent of the students in the top 5-percent of schools in those rankings were eligible for the free lunch program. … more

Cop Cameras

   Has Ferguson Crisis pushed the call for cameras on policemen? Click Here for Details

Are Liberals Shying Away from Amnesty Because its all About Special Interests?

   New York Times thinks Obama Amnesty may be just helping big business? Click Here for Story   And for More Information Click Here

The Story Begins to Come Out?

Witness concurs with Officer’s description of events in Ferguson shooting Click Here for Story and Audio

Obama’s Iraq Clock

      Troops sent back to Iraq have a time limit Click Here for Details

Autopsy Shows Some Witnesses Are Lying

Victim not shot in the back Click Here for Story

Gaza Fighting Begins Again

Smoke billow following an Israeli air strike in Rafah, in the southern of Gaza Strip, on August 19, 2014. (AFP Photo / Said Khatib)  Ceasefire ends with no agreement Click Here for Details


   Obama crafting his executive action sbehind closed doors Click Here for Details

Strange Bedfellows

    Syria’s Assad and the US both bombing ISIS Click Here for Story

Rewarded for Failure

  Despite the botched Obamacare rollout employees got bonuses Click Here for Details

Was American Beheaded by ISIS?

Missing American photojournalist allegedly beheaded on video by ISIS terrorists Click Here for Story




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