Friday August 29, 2014

 Vietnam Memorial Comes to Hamburg

Moving Wall a tribute to our fallen heroes Click Here for Details

Teachers! August is Union Opt Out Month

Union Falsely Tells Teachers They Lose Sick Leave Benefits if They Opt Out

Union and non-union employees contribute to sick bank

The president of a teachers union falsely told his members they would lose benefits to a sick bank all teachers had contributed to if they left the union. … more

Right-to-Work, Tax Rates Paint Interesting Picture

Worker freedom, low taxes draw people

The evidence seems to be clear: a right-to-work law makes that state more economically attractive and tends to draw in migrants. … more

What’s Wrong With the Election System

LEgislators using your tax dollars to get re-elected Click Here for Details

Stop ISIS Now…Or Else

  If not stopped now they will begin hitting the US Click Here for Story

UN Being Targeted

  United Nations peacekeepers are fair game for Islamic Extremists Click Here for Details

Feds Tracking Hate Speech

  Spending big money to track opinions on social media Click Here for Story

Too Cute: Toddler F-Bombs Ice Bucket Challenge

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Russia Invades Ukraine

   War in Europe about to expand Click Here for Details

Obama Not Willing to Decimate ISIS?

WH Spokesperson has trouble answering simple questions of battle Click Here for Story

3rd Times the Charm

   Is it possible for Romney to run again for President? Click Here for Details

Not Children

Adult illegal aliens with gray hair enrolling in schools Click Here for Story

He’ll Do It

   Obama won’t be deterred from giving Amnesty ot illegals Click Here for Details

This Is Islam?

'Another ISIS war crime': Footage and photographs have emerged of Islamic State fighters marching more than 200 soldiers across the desert to their deaths in only their underwear after capturing Syria's Tabqa air base

ISIS executes 250 prisoners in mass execution Click Here for Details

China Vows Response to US Surveillance

Tensions keep getting hotter Click Here for Story

Russia Pushes Envelope

This handout picture from the Finnish Air Force taken Thursday shows a Russian AN-72 transport plane, taken by a Finnish aircraft pilot. Finland's Defense Ministry said it suspects a Russian military aircraft on Thursday violated Finnish airspace — the third such incident in six days. Ministry spokesman Max Arhippainen told The Associated Press that a Russian AN-72 transport plane is believed to have crossed into the Nordic country's airspace over the Gulf of Finland for a few minutes.  Invades Finnish airspace 3 times this week Click Here for Details





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