Tuesday September 2, 2014

Democrats See New Voter Turnout Techniques as Ace in the Hole

An inside look at how political parties get people to the polls

A striking development in the 2008 presidential election was the number of eligible voters who weren’t expected to turn out but showed up at the polls and voted for now-President Barack Obama. … more

Right to Work

More states moving toward right to work legislation Click Here for Details

This Islamic Leader is Showing His True Colors

Won’t condemn be-headings and jokes about 9/11? Click Here for Story and Video

One Dem is Working to Keep Our Military

  A-10 Warthog is his best bet for re-election Click Here for Details

US Military Not Happy with Obama’s Performance?

Rise of ISIS was predictable Click Here for Story

VP Biden Sucks Up to the Unions

Vice president Joe Biden in Detroit on Labor Day, 2014.  Praises unions as the Dems look for campaign donations Click Here for Details

National Guards Now on Patrol at Texas Border

Shifts begin to help enforce border Click Here for Story

Bad Homecoming?

Returning jihadists won’t always be easy to trace Click Here for Details

Another Mascot Hits the Dust

High School Arab Mascot  Arab mascot for California school forced out Click Here for Story


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