Friday January 9, 2015

Transportation Problem?

A2-Ypsi schools close due to transportation staffing issues Click Here for Details

New Solution for Super Bugs?

Scientists discover new anti-biotic? Click Here for Story

A Better School Just a Mile Away, but Parents Don’t Get a Choice

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

    A subdivision of about 40 homes in Canton Township has been told better schools as close as a mile away are not in their home district so their children can’t attend. … more

In or Out? How is Michigan Doing Among Other States?

     By Michael D. LaFaive |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

There is good and bad news for the state of Michigan in the annual United Van Lines National Movers Study. … more

Terror Insurance Bill Passes Senate

First the House now the Senate Click Here for  Story


Howard Dean Tirade and the Kudlow Report - You Owe the Government!    Democrats and Liberals Defend Islam Click Here for Details

Third Paris Officer Killed

Another terrorist attack Click Here for Story

Can Boehner Change His Stripes

John BoehnerVows to fight Obama on Amnesty Click Here for Details

Obama Admin Promotes Islam?

6 times they’ve said its their job? Click Here for Story

The Cartoons

What drives Islamic nutjobs crazy? Click Here for Details

Muslim Cleric Defends Slaughter

      This is Islam? Click Here for Story





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