Thursday February 12, 2015

WHOA!  FCC Wants to Regulate Political Blogs

Image result for fcc   More threats from the Federal government which could threaten free speech on the internet Click Here for Details

Michigan’s May Tax Proposal

   Here are the details of exactly what you will be voting on May 5. … more

Train to Traverse?

Passenger train from Ann Arbor to Traverse City considered Click Here for Story

Congress OK’s Pipeline

Will Obama Veto it? Click Here for Details


Obama asks Congress for authorization of for War against ISIS Click Here for Story

Blamer in Chief

Image result for obama the blamer   Obama won’t take responsibility for companies slashing hours over Obamacare Click Here for Details

Companies Fire Back at Obama

APLack of facts from the President Click Here for Story

Why Did IRS Find Those Missing Emails?

Image result for irs   80,000 missing IRS emails suddenly turn up? Click Here for Details

Senate Dems Halting DHS Funding

Image result for dhs logo    Dems are playing politics with funding to keep Obama’s Exec actions for illegals going Click Here for Story and Video

Not Religion Related?

North Carolina murders were over a parking spot dispute? Click Here for Story

Anti-Semitic Congressmen?

Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., sits behind President Barack Obama at a memorial ceremony for the late former Speaker of the House of Representatives Thomas S. Foley at the Statuary Hall on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)  Black Congressmen to boycott Israeli PM Netanyahu speech because they feel its disrespectful of President Barack Hussein Obama Click Here for Details

Abusing Privilege

Federal workers take bonuses but won’t pay taxes? Click Here for Details

 Warren Leading Clinton

New poll puts Elizabeth Warren ahead of Hillary Clinton Click Here for Story


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