Saturday April 25, 2015

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Shifting Blame

Photo - "That is something that Secretary Clinton's team can talk to you about," Earnest replied multiple times to reporters' questions. (AP Photo)   White House won’t blame Hillary for her own controversy Click Here for Details

Why Cruz is the Real Thing

Stands up when most GOP backs down Click Here for Video

Climate Alarm is Non-Sense

Bad News for Global Warming Alarmists, According to New Study   New study says activist’s models are wrong? Click Here for Story

Iranian Ships Blink

Iranian convoy turns away from confrontation with US Navy Click Here for Details

Even Liberals Are Demanding Answers

Liberal group wants Clinton Foundation audited Click Here for Story

Amnesty is Here

AP Photo/Gregory Bull  Deportations dropping fast Click Here for Details

Clinton Gate

The Clinton Foundation is Bill and Hillary’s NY-style racket  Hillary’s campaign is turning into one long scandal even before it starts Click Here for Story

Out of Touch Joe

Vice President Joe Biden VP Biden says no President has made Israel safer than Obama? Click Here for Details

Strange Bedfellows

Israel Air Force (Reuters / Amir Cohen)  Saudi Arabia will let Israel use its airspace to attack Iran? Click Here for Story

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