Thursday May 7, 2015

Historic NO

Michigan Voters told Lansing stop your complicated special interest non-sense Click Here for Details

Nation’s Worst Urban District

   By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Despite widespread agreement its students are failing academically, about 8 of 10 Detroit Public School teachers received the highest evaluation possible of “highly effective” in 2013-14. … more

Detroit Education Overhaul Would Cost Other Schools $50 Per Student

    By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A study on Gov. Rick Snyder’s vision of new Detroit public school system says that school districts around the state will have to chip in $50 per pupil to cover the costs. … more

Conflicts of Interest

Top 10 Clinton conflicts of interest   Top 10 conflicts of interest for Hillary Clinton Click Here for Details

It’s Called Free Speech

Megyn Kelly excoriates guest over “hate speech comments” Click Here for Story

Hillary Wants to Be Race-Baiter in Chief?

Hillary makes play for blacks and Hispanics  Plays to Hispanics with Amnesty talk Click Here for Details

Big Threat?

ISIS claims it has soldiers in 15 US states Click Here for Story

Odd Market Stories

Some investments are acting strangely? Click Here for Details


White House thinks Iran will use money from lifted sanctions to promote economy not spread terror Click Here for Story and Video

Another Economic Scare?

Yellen says there are significant risks Click Here for Details and Video


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