Thursday June 18, 2015

Call Your Congressman

House ready to give American jobs away with another TPA vote Click Here for Details

 Help Find Attacker

AA_attack.jpg  Police looking for attempted rape suspect Click Here for Story


SEIU Affiliate’s Revenue Cut in Half After ‘Dues Skim’ Ended

The union that exploited Michigan’s home-based caregivers for the best part of a decade has seen its revenue tumble since the scheme that enabled the exploitation ended.  … more

State-Based Exchanges Cause More Pain, Than Help

Some lawmakers are considering state-based health exchanges as “insurance protection.” But taking action now could not only subject state taxpayers to many future costs, it could also slam the door shut on a congressional fix. … more

Democratic Split on Obama Trade

GOP and Obama on the wrong side of trade deals Click Here for Details

New Benghazi Emails

(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)  Blumenthal emails released Click Here for Details

Obamacare Overpayments?

 $3 Billion in payments questioned Click Here for Details

No Threat from Iran?

Obama Admin excludes Iran from Threat Assessment report Click Here for Story

Greek Crisis

Greeks stashing cash as debt crisis approaches Click Here for Details


   White House advisor says we can’t use petro fuels Click Here for Story

No Interest Hike

  Feds see stagnant economy Click Here for Details

GOP Moves to Save Obamacare Subsidies?

John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi  What the heck is going on with the GOP? Click Here for Story

Show of Strength

Russia shows off new military weapons Click Here for Details

No Friends of Israel

White House shows once again it doesn’t like Israel Click Here for Story




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