Saturday June 27, 2015

SCOTUS Approves Same Sex Marriage

Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision allows marriage equality Click Here for Details

Livingston County Couple Gets 1st Same Sex Marriage Certificate

SCOTUS ruling on Gay marriage met with joy by some Click Here for Story

Top 1 Percent Paid 15 Percent of State Income Tax While Bottom 33 Percent Got Millions Back

Michigan paid out $245 million more than it collected in 2012 to nearly one-third of state income tax filers, which were the people who reported incomes of less than $16,000. At the other end, the state collected $1 billion from the fewer than 1 percent of households who reported earnings of $500,000 and above. … more

It is Fine To Get Detroit Out of School Pension System

Detroit Public Schools has been in financial trouble for a long time, and ensuring that DPS can pay its bills is likely to require further state funding. As plans for fixing DPS are debated, school officials throughout Michigan have begun to worry that their state funding will be reduced when a bailout for DPS is finalized. … more

One Down One to Go

Hundreds of heavily-armed cops circle on second 'Shawshank' fugitive in New York woods One of escaped New York prisoners killed in shoot out Click Here for Story

Polygamy Next?

Photo - U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts speaks at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, in Lincoln, Neb., Friday, Sept. 19, 2014. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik) SCOTUS opens the door to far more than gay marriage by their own admission Click Here for Details

Erase History?

Al Sharpton doesn’t want to just remove the Confederate Flag he wants to erase Civil War history Click Here for Story

Be Careful on the Fourth?

  Bulletin warns of possible attack on US for Independence Day Click Here for Story

Terrorists Hit Beach Resort

Tears: A woman weeps as she lays flowers where fellow holidaymakers were murdered yesterday Tourists slaughtered at Tunisian vacation spot Click Here for Details

A Court Out of Control?

  Is the Supreme Court now making laws? Click Here for Story

Pennsylvania Censorship?

Piles of freshly printed Sud-Ouest newsp  Newspaper will no longer print dissenting views on “Marriage” Click Here for Details

The Obama Military

Service men should bow to Islam and follow the restrictions of Ramadan? Click Here for Story

ISIS Working with Cartels on US Border?

  New reports are worrisome Click Here for Details

Who Makes DHS Policies?

How about an Open Borders Sociology Professor? Click Here for Story

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