Tuesday August 18, 2015

Inside Scoop on Courser Gamrat Scandal

Aide will give details Click Here for Story

Pension Costs Eating Up Extra School Money

All across Michigan, many public schools are getting more money even though they have fewer students. Yet, these school districts aren’t seeing the extra money due to rising pension costs. … more

Politicians Misrepresent Road Funding Bills to Promote Tax Hike

In Lansing, reducing the rate of a projected spending increase is considered a “budget cut.” It is no surprise, then, that when the two chambers of the Michigan Legislature each passed a plan to allocate a slice of future revenue to the road repair budget, some people cried foul.  … more

Is This Treason?

Image result for Mohammad Javad Zarif and john kerry   The lack of transparency is stunning; see the link between John Kerry and his counterpart in the Iranian nuke arrangement Click Here for Story   link contributed by Pgh ExPat

Totally Intentional?

Hillary email and server scandal shows intent to hide? Click Here for Details

More Classified Emails

 More classified emails discovered on Clinton Server Click Here for Story

Cutting Cell Phone Service

 Is there a secret plan to cut cell phone service to the public in event of emergency? Click Here for Story

Here They Come

Immigrants crossing border Summer surge of illegals Click Here for Details

Nothing to Joke About

  Hillary jokes about social media that disappears on its own Click Here for Story

Another Endorsement of Trump Immigration Ideas

Liberal Professor says Trump plan makes sense? Click Here for Details

Inspector Generals Need Help from Congress

IGs are running into roadblocks from administration Click Here for Story

Half Assed?

Fighters from the Islamic State / AP  Report says US war on ISIS is disorganized Click Here for Details

IRS  Makes Another Admission

Image: IRS Says Thieves Stole Tax Info from Additional 220,000  Even more taxpayer records were hacked Click Here for Story




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