Wednesday November 18, 2015

Ohhh the Political Thought Police

Ann Arbor drops Columbus Day for Indigenous People’s Day Click Here for Details

‘Union Time on Taxpayers’ Dime’ Bills Fate Uncertain in GOP House

Just before recessing for a two-week Thanksgiving break, the Michigan Senate passed a pair of bills to prohibit two particular schemes that require taxpayers to pay for work done on behalf of teacher and government employee unions. … more

How Media Bias Works

Candidates within the large Republican presidential field appear far more willing to defy and unmask the tactics of the national mainstream news media than in previous years. … more

No to Refugees

More States saying no to Fed’s Syrian refugee program Click Here for Details

Who Knew College Kids are So Stupid?

And possibly dangerous? Click Here for Story

Hitting Terrors’ Social Media

© Peter NichollsAnonymous starts knocking out terror twitter accounts Click Here for Details

TPP is in Trouble

Obama trade deal so bad Congress might be saying no Click Here for Details and Video

CAIR Calls US Governors Un-American for saying No to Syrian Immigrants

America hating Muslim Brotherhood front group  has nerve to call Governors un-patriotic? Click Here for Story

Syrian Refugee Already Missing

LA Syrian Refugee  Feds have already lost track of first immigrant Click Here for Details

Even Feinstein Knows

Senator Diane Feinstein says ISIS is expanding not contained Click Here for Story and Video

Clinton and Criminals?

Rajat Gupta, right, and his lawyer / AP  Another Clinton charity under suspicion Click Here for Details

Unfit for President

Image: New Huma Abedin Email: Hillary is 'Often Confused'  Huma emails not good for Hillary Click Here for Story

Russia Takes ISIS Seriously

Russian Tu-160 bombers. © Shamil Zhumatov   Using long range bombers to hit ISIS targets Click Here for Details

The Price for Open Borders

TUI Arena, Hanover  Germany facing multiple terror threats Click Here for Story

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