Monday December 7, 2015

Remember our Veterans: December 7th Day of Infamy

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What Did You Expect?

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 6: U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the country from the Oval Office on December 6, 2015 in Washington, DC. President Obama is addressing the terrorism threat to the United States and the recent attack in San Bernardino, California. (Photo by Saul Loeb-Pool/Getty Images)  Obama’s National address admits San Bernadino was a terror attack Click Here for Story

MSU Will Play Alabama

Win over Iowa puts MSU into next step for National Championship Click Here for Story

Who Knew? Man Faces Criminal Charges For Snowmobiling While Driver’s License Suspended

An Ottawa County man was given a ticked and faced misdemeanor charges for driving a snowmobile while his driver’s license was suspended. Yet, children as young as age 12 can operate snowmobiles and no license is required to ride them. … more

Amendment to Balance the Federal Budget May Die in GOP House Committee

Barring the unforeseen, the state House will not vote this year on legislation to place Michigan in an interstate compact petitioning for a federal balanced budget amendment.  … more

History Repeating Itself?

Image result for loretta lynch  Comments from AG Loretta Lynch sound familiar Click Here for Details link by Pgh Expat

Hillary Doesn’t Get It

S Won’t say Radical Islam Click Here for Details

Senate Dems Divided

Reid’s compromise not sitting well with some Dem senators Click Here for Story

Obama Not Happy with FBI?

   Calling Terrorism, Terrorism doesn’t make Obama happy Click Here for Details link by Pgh Expat

Behind the Lines

ISIS says it already has armies inside Europe Click Here for Details


Jeh Johnson / AP 72 DHS employees on terror watchlist Click Here for Story


Texas backs down from Feds on Syrian refugee settlement Click Here for Details

Benghazi LIAR!

Hillary says she didn’t lie to families of Benghazi victims Click Here for Story and Video

Poland Wants Nukes

© Kacper Pempel Needs to counter threat from Russia? Click Here for Details

Southern Border Under Attack

Middle Eastern men arrested again at Arizona Mexico border Click Here for Story

Finally Speaking Up?

Muslim group blaming PC culture for not going after extremist Islam Click Here for Details and Video

Gun Crimes Plummet…

Image: WaPost: Gun Crimes Plunge Over Last Two Decades Despite Increase in Gun Sales Despite increase in gun sales Click Here for Details


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