Saturday February 13, 2016

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U of M Bans Drones

Campus will be drone free for now Click Here for Details

Trump Answers 5 Tough Questions

Jeff Sessions When Jeff Session asks questions they should answer Click Here for Story

Governor’s Budget Pays for Medicaid Expansion with a Gas Tax

The largest proposed change in Gov. Rick Snyder’s executive budget is to use money freed up by a tax hike for roads to pay for the state’s Medicaid expansion. … more

State Officials Lose Official Representation in Flint Water Lawsuit

Attorney General Bill Schuette wants to withdraw as legal counsel for seven former or current Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials concerning legal matters surrounding the Flint water crisis. … more

Muslim Attack in Ohio is Terrorism?

nazareth restaurantMachete wielding assailant is Muslim but authorities say they don’t know if its terrorism Click Here for Details

EPA Failed Flint Big Time

 Planned on letting Flint keep drinking lead contaminated water? Click Here for Story

More Jobs for Mexico

Another manufacturer sending jobs to Mexico Click Here for Details and Video

Eh, Who Needs a Budget

Speaker Ryan says they could skip doing a budget Click Here for Story

More Law Breaking from Hillary

State Dept won’t rule out more classified emails on Clinton’s private server  Click Here for Details

Dems Want Amnesty and More Unemployment

  Throwing low income Americans under the bus on jobs Click Here for Story

This is What’s Coming Across the Border

Illegal immigrant children can be murderers Click Here for Details


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