Monday February 22, 2016

FBI vs Apple

There is a lot to this story Click Here for Analysis

Who Killed Liberal Arts?

link by Pgh Expat

Poor Cities Don’t Equal Underfunded Public Schools

Urban cities without affluent residents often have school districts that get more money per pupil than their richer suburban neighbors. … more

Rubio Upset About SC Campaign

Rubio campaign not happy about Cruz efforts in South Carolina Click Here for Details

Who is Us?

Image source: YouTube Morgan Freeman narrates ad for Hillary Click Here for Story


On Bush leaving race, Trump says Bush should have run four years ago? Click Here for Details

Campaign Shananigans

Hillary supporters registering AFTER voting in Nevada Caucus Click Here for Story

In the Closet for Trump?

Just back from a dinner in West Hollywood: shocked the majority of the table was voting for Trump but they would never admit it publicly

This Is Why Trump Can Win? Hollywood like many Americans secretly like Trump See twitter post  Click Here for Details

Need a Favor?

Pentagon asks Russia not to bomb where our Special Operators are working in Syria Click Here for Story

Rubio Has a Problem

CLEMSON, SC - FEBRUARY 19:  Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio addresses the crowd during a campaign rally at Clemson University Friday, February 19, 2016 in Clemson, South Carolina. The South Carolina Republican primary will be held Saturday, February 20. (Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images) ICE and law enforcement slide away from Rubio after comments Click Here for Details

Missing Radioactive Device Found

Iraq radioactive device recovered? Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

NASA releases unexplained “extra-terrestrial ” music? Click Here for Details

Your Money…Their Waste

Why is John Kerry courting Hollywood? Click Here for Story

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