Monday May 2, 2016

Bloomberg Finally Shows Some Common Sense?

Tells students to stop hiding behind safe spaces and micro aggression charges Click Here for Details

Cruz Won’t Support Trump if He’s Nominated?

 Is this another major problem for a tough campaign? Click Here for Story

May Day Chaos

Youths raise their hands high to show that they do not hold bottles or stones as they pass French riot police during a protest against the French labour law proposal during the May Day labour union march in Paris, France, May 1, 2016. © Philippe WojazerRiots breakout in Paris Click Here for Details

Do We Trust the Polls?

 Up and Down but Tuesday will tell Click Here for Story

No Experience Necessary?

Graduate holds his diploma and lieutenant bars during commencement at West Point  New West Point commander has never fought in battle Click Here for Details

London Has Turned?

Britain's Labour Party candidate for Mayor of London Sadiq Khan speaks during a hustings event in London  Muslim favored to win London England’s mayoral race Click Here for Story

Uh Oh?

Cruz delegates waiver Click Here for Story

NOKO’s Advancing Their Capabilities

Vow to increase the ability to use nuclear weapons Click Here for Details

Common Goal?

Obama and Press share goal of destroying America? Click Here for Story 

Take That…

Chuck Todd snaps back at Ted Cruz Click Here for Details and Video

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