Monday May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

  Remember to honor those who serve and protect us. How will you remember? Click Here for Details

If you missed the Drift Radio Show on Saturday catch it now on podcast click on the Common Sense Radio Tab above

Transgender Bathroom Issue in Howell

Forum to discuss policy considered Click Here for Story

Ryan is Wasting Time

Senator Sessions tells Speaker Ryan to get on Trump Train now Click Here for Details

How Russia is Prepping for WW III

NATO and the west are scaring Russia? Click Here for Story

Illegals Being Treated Better Than Veterans

Trump defines major problem with our government Click Here for Story


Vietnam Memorial vandalized on Memorial weekend Click Here for Details and Video

Latinos for Trump

Image result for latinos for trump  Media can’t understand Latino support for Trump Click Here for Story

Reality Follows Fiction

© Ruptly Drone from computer game now real Click Here for Story and Video

Border Patrol Helpless?

BPlockedout1  Locked out of Indian Reservation where Mexican drug cartel is operating Click Here for Details

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