Tuesday July 19, 2016

Establishment GOP Gets Put in Its Place

Image result for gop convention never trump  1st day of GOP convention shuts down anti-Trump faction Click Here for Details and Video

Michigan’s Medal of Honor Winner

Retired  Lt. Col. Charles Kettles finally awarded long overdue medal Click Here for Story

From Batting Nets to ‘Hide Haulers,’ Almost Everything Requires a License in Detroit

  Entrepreneurs looking to open a business in Detroit face licensing fees of up to $1,500 depending on the type of business.  … more

Clarke vs Lemon

Image result for sheriff clarke and don lemon  And Sheriff Clark puts CNN anchor Don Lemon in his place Click Here for Story

Speaker Ryan as Ineffective at Campaigning as He is As Speaker

Image result for paul ryan  Gives a weak endorsement of Trump Click Here for Details

Soros Funding Terrorism

Image result for hillary and soros  How long will we put up with this? Soros gives 30 $million to BLM Click Here for Story

More Secrets in Iran Deal

Iran can now get nukes faster Click Here for Details

New Zika Mystery

 Caregiver for Zika patient contracts Zika virus Click Here for Story

Independents Moving to Trump

Support surging for Trump among Independent voters Click Here for Details

Another Freddie Gray Officer Acquitted

Facts show officers did nothing wrong Click Here for Story

Germany Gets Another Terror Attack

CnrRUBbXgAAL7sbAfghan refugee uses axe to attack train passengers Click Here for Details

Turkey Wants Death Penalty

Two of the eight Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece in a helicopter and requested political asylum after a failed military coup against the government, are brought to prosecutor by two policemen in the northern Greek city of Alexandroupolis, Greece, July 17, 2016. © Vasilis Ververidis  Erdogan’s rush to purge competition but it will violate EU membership Click Here for Story

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