Tuesday October 4, 2016

DOJ Covering UP for Clinton Scandals

FBI destroyed Hillary aides laptops Click Here for Story and Video

Hillary’s Temperament

AP_98080801088-2Hillary has the worst temper Click Here for Details

Union Sloppiness Costs Teacher Thousands in Lost Pay, Blames Mythical ‘Funding Cuts’

  The Michigan Education Association used a teacher as an example of poor compensation. However, the union didn’t appear to enforce its own contract language that could have earned that teacher thousands of dollars. … more

Privatization Remains a Popular Practice with School Districts

  Privatization in Michigan’s public school districts has increased drastically since 2001.  … more

Pay the Price

Newspaper that endorse Hillary aren’t listening to their readers as subscriptions get canceled Click Here for Details

Hillary’s Ultimate Hypocrisy

Asks how Trump lost $1 Billion of his own money when she lost $6 Billion of taxpayer money at the State Dept Click Here for Story and video

Breaking Down the Syrian Immigrant Numbers

  You won’t believe how few Christians were allowed in Click Here for Details


Mobs attacking police Click Here for Story and Video

The Obama Economy

Barack Obama  Over-regulation is strangling the economy Click Here for Details


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