Saturday November 12, 2016

Will GOP Play Hardball

Image result for mcconnell ryan trump  Or more of the same? Click Here for Details

Liberal Cry Babies?

A2 community lambasting duly elected Trump supporter Ron Weiser to U of M Regent Click Here for Story

Where is The Law and Order?

Threats against Trump NOT being pursued by Obama’s Feds Click Here for Details

Canada & Mexico Ready to Talk NAFTA

Even before Trump is sworn in two NAFTA partners ready to start talking Click Here for Story

Worker Freedom Won Tuesday

  Worker freedom continues to be a winning issue at the state level.  … more

More Liberal Violence

‘We reject the president-elect!’: Anti-Trump protesters shut down interstates, smash windows  Riots and violence by the left continues Click Here for Details

Dirty Harry’s Parting Shots

Image result for harry reid  Outgoing US Senator Reid has nothing constructive to add Click Here for Story

The Price They Paid

Some Never Trump politicians paid the price for not backing Trump Click Here for Details

Self- Deportation?

Many illegals already looking to leave US Click Here for Story and Video

Super Moon Coming

This month’s full moon is supposed to be biggest in decades Click Here for Details

Trump’s Wall

  Rep Gohmert says yes the wall will get built and there’s money for it Click Here for Story

Punish Rioters

This behavior should not be accepted Click Here for Details


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