Friday December 9, 2016

House Approves Spending Bill

The legislation passed with a critical provision aimed at speeding up the confirmation process for Mattis. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)Bill also moves Mattis forward as a Trump appointee Click Here for Details

White Out on I-96 kills 2

Michigan’s first big storm of the winter season is brutal Click Here for Story

‘Photo Cops’ Could Write Automated Tickets to Generate Money for Detroit Public Schools

  The Michigan Senate passed a bill that would allow the Detroit public school system to collect money by having automated traffic “photo cops” write tickets.  … more

Sore Loser

Bitter Hillary blames “Fake News” for her disastrous loss Click Here for Story and Video

As Michigan House Considers Electric Monopoly Bill, Observers Fear Price Spikes

  The state’s largest electric utility has plans to phase out the use of coal and that could increase costs for consumers due to volatile price movements in the primary alternative, natural gas. … more

Recount Over in Michigan but wait…There’s More!

vote-polling-placeMajor voter fraud uncovered in Detroit? Click Here for Story

Rohrabacher Defends Russia

Potential Trump secretary of state dismisses allegations of Russian human rights abuses as ‘baloney’Calls charges of human rights violations “Baloney” Click Here for Story

Senate Dems Continue with Same Old Story

May try to hold government funding hostage yet again Click Here for Details

Mainstream Media Crying Wolf

Calling alternative news sources fake news sites with fake news Click Here for Story

Liar in Chief’s Final Lie?

  Obama saying there has been no Terrorism in US during the last 8 years? Click Here for Details

Dems Lining Up to Stop Trump Picks

Unqualified Democrat legislators don’t want people with real world experience in government Click Here for Story

WaPo Admits Fake News

© Jonathan Ernst Sham research used in blaming Russia for propaganda and fake news Click Here for Details

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