Thursday January 19, 2017


Press Can Stay

Trump says Press Corp will stay in West Wing Click Here for Story and Video


Warren’s Mayor underfire for alleged discriminatory comments Click Here for Story

DeVos Attacked For Supporting Free Speech, Due Process On Campus

  In U.S. Senate confirmation hearings, Betsy DeVos may be asked why she has donated to a civil liberties group known for exposing First Amendment infringements committed by colleges and universities. … more

Happy 50th Birthday Personal Income Tax

  Two personal income tax elimination bills are apparently in the offing on the Senate and House sides of the Legislature. Both call (ultimately) for the wholesale elimination of the state’s personal income tax, born in Michigan 50 years ago, this Oct. 1. … more

GOP Troublemakers?

Senate Foreign Relations Committee may vote against Rex Tillerson’s confirmation Will GOP Senators throw Trump’s SoS pick under the bus? Click Here for Details

Where Can Trump and Dems Agree?

Five areas where Trump and Dems could make a deal These 5 areas could be promising for Bi-partisan work Click Here for Story

Assassination Attempt on Stone?

Roger Stone allegedly poisoned by polonium? Click Here for Details and Video

Forgiver in Chief

Obama pardoning and commuting sentences more than any other US President Click Here for Story

Threat or Joke by Kerry

  Secretary of State Kerry says Trump Presidency may only last a year or two Click Here for Details

More Fake News by CNN

Getty Dems and Media trying to drag appointees through the mud Click Here for Story

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