Monday March 20, 2017

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Held Accountable

Secret Service fires one its own for not upholding her duty? Click Here for Story

 One of Michigan’s Best

leland_fishtown_all.jpeg   Leland makes the top 24 coolest towns in nation Click Here for Story

Last year marked the first time in seven years that the number of people working for Michigan’s state government increased. It employed 46,692 people in 2016, or 415 more employees than the previous year, according to the Civil Service Commission’s annual report. The state had 62,057 employees in 2001. … more

Catch The Leakers

Rand Paul has an interesting solution to catch ‘deep state’ government leakersRand Paul has a solution to solve the Deep State Crisis Click Here for Story

Reducer in Chief

Under Trump US Debt actually went down in first two months Click Here for Details

The Whip List

Where is the GOP on getting Repeal and Replacement done? Click Here for Details and Video

Problem Countries

30 countries won’t take back their illegals from the US Click Here for Story

More Security Problems

The Secret Service has bolstered security at the White House after a man was arrested making threats at one of its checkpoints in the third such security scare in just over a weekYet another problem at the White House Click Here for Details

Nothing There

Key Democrats prepping constituencies that there is NO Russian connection to Trump Click Here for Story

Another Trump Victory?

Charitable Americans jumping in to help Meals on Wheels Click Here for Story

NO Collusion

Reports re there is nothing to the Dem and media nonsense Click Here for Details

Government At It’s Worst

IRS building / High taxes and free programs de-incentivize people to work Click Here for Story

Turkish President Way Out of Line

Europeans ‘would revive gas chambers if they weren't ashamed’ – ErdoganMore demonization of Europe Click Here for Details


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