Thursday March 30, 2017

Debbie Stabenow Won’t Support Gorsuch

Image result for debbie stabenow Ignores the will of the people of Michigan Click Here for Story and Video

Obama Admin is Guilty?

Did a former Obama official just admit Obama spied on Trump ? Click Here for Story

Try Try Again

Obamacare repeal may be tried again in May Click Here for Story and Video

Governor’s Cyber School Cuts Don’t Add Up

  In his 2017-18 budget, Gov. Rick Snyder has proposed reducing funding for certain types of public schools: cyber schools, which are charter schools that provide students with full-time online instruction. … more

Sweeping Criminal Justice Reforms For Michigan

  It seemed everyone was ready to tackle criminal justice reforms after the Council of State Governments released its study of Michigan in 2013. … more

Audit the Fed

Image result for rand paul  Bill moves closer to shedding light on the Federal Bank system Click Here for Details

Democrats Target Cruz

One Senate target for Democrats in 2018 is TX Senator Ted Cruz Click Here for Story

Work or Pay

This European country looks to tax those who refuse to work Click Here for Details

Canada Following Europe’s Mistakes

Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau said all the country's airports, including Trudeau, are secure and protected by 'multi-layered' security.Airport workers becoming radicalized? Click Here for Story

Greatest Threat to Environment?

It’s not the Rich Click Here for Details


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