Monday May 15, 2017

Rex Roast

 Secretary of State Tillerson has words for Hillary’s reset Click Here for Story

Evidence? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Evidence, Imply Tourism Officials

 National Travel and Tourism Week starts May 7. It’s an ideal time to remind taxpayers, voters and lawmakers that the state of Michigan spends $34 million each year on a program to promote tourism. … more

What’s Up with ESPN?

Strange things afoot Click Here for Details link contributed by PGh Expat

Michigan Public School Enrollment Down 25 Percent Since 1978

  Enrollment in Michigan’s public schools has dropped to the lowest level since 1978, which is as far back the state has records online. … more

Impeach Maxine

Liberal Rep. Maxine Waters gets blindsided with dose of her own ‘impeachment’ medicine at town hallHypocrite Congresswoman gets taste of own medicine Click Here for Details

Good Riddance to Comey

Better off to have Comey gone Click Here for Story

Women vs ISIS

Women of the west going to fight ISIS Click Here for Details

House Cleaning Time

Trump Admin about to clean house of internal leaks Click Here for Story

North Korea targeting West Coast

NK plan is accelerating effort to attack US west coast Click Here for Details



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