Monday May 22, 2017

Trump Strong

 President’s foreign policy speech in Middle East reassures …Click Here for Story

Fox News Disaster

Murdoch children’s new agenda at Fox is costing them ratings big time Click Here for Story

More Jobs

Trump visit to the Middle East brings even more jobs to the US Click Here for Details

China vs CIA

China allegedly kills or imprisons a dozens CIA spies? Click Here for Story

Tax Reform Priority

  Treasury Secretary says over 100 people are working on reforming the tax code Click Here for Story

Liberal Intolerance

Liberal students walk out of Vce President Pence’s commencement speech Click Here for Details

IS This Robert Mueller?

 Former FBI Director and now special counsel has previously worked with radical Islamic groups to purge anti)Islamic material from anti-terror training guides Click Here for Details

Words of Mattis

 ISIS WILL be annihilated Click Here for Story

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