Wednesday August 23, 2017

Carrying the People’s Message

President goes to Phoenix Click Here for Story

Power of Economic Sanctions

US tries to cut North Korean lifelines to Russian and Chinese companies Click Here for Details and Video

Not Interested

South Lyon has no takes for Mayoral campaign Click Here for Details

Let Local Schools Decide Their Calendars

 An increasing number of school districts want to open their doors to students in August. This growing demand provides further justification for ending the requirement that districts ask state bureaucrats for permission to start the academic year before Labor Day. … more

Spending Up $1.8 Billion But Publication Claims Michigan ‘Disinvests’ In Schools

 The Grand Rapids Business Journal blamed the lack of qualified workers for a business on a disinvestment in the state’s public school systems. Except, the public K-12 education funding has increased by $1.8 billion since 2011. … more

When A Lib Runs An Anti-Trump Poll

Liberal actress’ poll on Trump resignation gets more than 112,000 votes — here are the resultsActress tries anti-Trump poll and only gets a 50 50 result Click Here for Story

RINO Backstabber

Speaker Ryan balks at common sense comments from Trump in order to avoid Media criticism Click Here for Story

Europe Needs to Wake Up

 Polish Prime Minister warns Europe will lose if it continues allowing Islamic aggression Click Here for Story

Fight to Win

Trump strategy will take the leash off military in winning the Afghan conflict Click Here for Details

Google Recording You?

Technology may be allowing your calls and info to be recorded Click Here for Story

Why Ryan is Wrong as Speaker

  Talks about gun control instead of fixing immigration, border security and taxes Click Here for Details and Video

Get the Flake Out and Secure the Border

NBC NEWS -- Pictured: Border Patrol Agents arrest 8 suspected illegals and read them their Miranda Rights in Maverick County, near Eagle Pass, TX, as they try to ride a freight train into the United States on February 27, 2007 -- Photo by: Al Henkel/NBC NewsWireKelli Ward running against Never Trumper Senator Jeff Flake Click Here for Story

Trump Strategy

Click Here for Video of Trump Afghanistan strategy speech

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