Sunday September 10, 2017

Irma Hits

Southwest Florida and Keys get the brunt of the Hurricane Click Here for Story

Build That Wall

Trump Admin already committing cash to build border wall Click Here for Details

New York Times Article, Critical of Charter Schools, Misses Key Point on School Funding

 The New York Times Magazine ran an article critical of charter schools and mischaracterized school finances in Michigan. The article repeated a myth that districts serving poor communities are not funded as well as those in more affluent ones.  … more

Kamala Harris Queen of Discimination?

Kamala Harris shames DOJ for siding with Christian cake baker — then Twitter hits back with truthHypocrisy reigns as Senator sides with one group against another Click Here for Story

Equifax Hack

5 questions about the hack of Equifax info Click Here for Story

Speed Up Tax Reform

President asks for quicker results for Tax Reform Click Here for Details

The Do Nothing Congress

President will have to get things done without the help of  GOP and Dems in Congress Click Here for Story

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