Saturday November 11, 2017

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Weak Republicans

Two GOP Senators un-endorse Moore Click Here for Details

City Claims It Will Cut Almost Everything Without a ‘Needed’ Tax Hike

  The city of Fraser asked citizens for a tax hike in 2016 but the measure failed. Apparently undeterred by the outcome, Fraser officials increased taxes anyway with a new budget and are asking voters again for a hike. But the city has a spending problem it should look at first. … more

What Happened in Niger Ambush

Report reveals why one U.S. soldier’s body was found a mile away from Niger ambush New info on attack Click Here for Story

Putting America First

President disavows bad US trade deals Click Here for Details

More Stupidity from the GOP Senate

Majority Leader McConnell still screwing the American Taxpayers Click Here for Story

Total Set UP?

Judge Moore Accuser was Anti Moore and removed her posts from Facebook Click Here for Details

Repeal Obamacare…Save Money

CBO says repeal will save money for the budget Click Here for Story

This IS Islam

Erdogan says moderate Islam is a western tool Click Here for Details






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