The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday April 23, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Democrats And Their Two Tiered Justice System

Why is the Democrat Judge gagging Trump but not Cohen and Daniels? Click Here for Story And Here for More Hypocrisy from the Judge

Out of Control Students

Something must be done to stop the insanity in the classroom Click Here for Details

Bill in Legislature targets squatting

Sheriffs could immediately remove squatters from homes

Gutless SCOTUS?

Supreme Court again refuses to look at evidence of election fraud Click Here for Story

Holder IS A Terrible Role Model for the Law

Violent anti-Semitism is rising on campus but former Obama AG Eric Holder is fine with it? Click Here for Story

Funding a Thief?

The Kremlin Keeps Trying to Call ...

US Congress gives billions more to Ukraine despite warning from the CIA Director to Ukrainian President to stop stealing it? Click Here for Story

Democrats Supporting the Open Border

Keeping Mayorkas from impeachment shows clearly the Democrats do not want to close the border or protect America Click Here for Details

More Criminals From the Obama Era

Former Obama senior policy advisor charged with Child Sex offences Click Here for Story

Joe Manchin Makes Endorsement

Can Senator Manchin help to make his successor? Click Here for Details

California Discrimination

This time California is discriminating against… The Middle Class? Click Here for Story

Did Ukraine Shoot Down Russian Bomber?

Russia says it was a failure Ukraine says otherwise Click Here for Details

Trump Represents Average Americans

And the Democrats and DC Elite hate Trump for exactly that Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday April 22, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

How Bad Is It?

How much garbage and foreign support did our politicians screw the American taxpayer for in this latest bill? Click Here for Story

Biden Signal’s More Weakness

US will give up airbase in the country of Niger in exchange to get 1000 US soldiers back Click Here for Story

Defense Plan?

Trump legal team lays out its plan against the phony charges Click Here for Story

Hollywood Pedos

Yes we’ve been saying and now so is Bill Maher Click Here for Details

Moral Crisis

Historians are talking about America’s morality crisis Click Here for Story

Biden On the Wrong Side Again

Supporting Iran and sanctioning Israel? Click Here for Details

We’re Not Giving Free Aid Fast Enough?

Zelensky complaining that the US isn’t giving free aid fast enough? How much longer will this scam continue? Click Here for Story

Why Republicans Are Losers

Democrats impeach Trump over nothing while Republicans refuse to fight back and impeach Mayorkas when it needs to happen Click Here for Story

What IS Pompeo Hiding?

Trump wanted to release the JFK assassination info but Mike Pompeo seems to have stopped him? Click Here for Story

China On Our Doorstep

China is taking over a Caribbean island Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday April 21, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Government Will Keep Spying on Americans

Senate passes FISA renewal giving over reaching powers to Federal agencies to spy on Americans Click Here for Story

RFK Jr. The Spoiler in Michigan?

R.F.K. Jr. Raises New Uncertainty for Biden in Michigan

Will RFK Jr take Michigan off Biden’s hopeful win list? Click Here for Details

Kids Out of Control

Contrary to Salt Lake Tribune 'fact-check,' photos and videos appear to show multiple students dressed and behaving as furries at Utah school

are we allowing our children to identify as animals? Click Here for Story

Americans Should Be Angry

Democrats and RINOs are funding foreign countries but refusing to secure America’s own borders Click Here for Details

Who Is Playing With The Jobs Numbers?

Statistically impossible reporting numbers? Click Here for Story

The Man Who Changed America

Donald Trump has forever changed America by exposing the corruption of our out of control government Click Here for Story

Well Well, Illegals Expect YOU to Learn Their Language?

Your open border is going to destroy your culture and lifestyle Click Here for Story

Soros Controls the EU?

The same degenerate who is ruining America’s political scene already controls the EU and is leading them into war Click Here for Story

What Was Up With The Lackluster Results of Iran’s Attack?

They may look weak with a large but mostly failed drone and missile attack but is there more to the story? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday April 20, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Foot in Mouth Joe Strikes Again

Why Joe Biden called a young woman a ...

Biden’s phony story about his uncle being eaten by Cannibals doesn’t sit well with New Guinea causing another foreign policy problem Click Here for Story

Trouble for Johnson

A 3rd GOP member looks to remove Mike Johnson as Speaker Click Here for Details

Adding to the Clinton Body Count?

Why did the ATF shot and kill the Arkansas Clinton Airport Executive? Click Here for Story

Michigan’s largest debt declines

Gov. Whitmer asks to put less into the pension system

Sidney Vindicated

Yet another win for team Trump Click Here for Story

DEI Means DIE?

Woke agenda is ruining our healthcare system Click Here for Details

Israel Makes Limited Response to Iran

Israel seems to have hit back at Iran with a limited missile Strike Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

The algae Braarudosphaera bigelowii has been found to have absorbed a cyanobacteria called UCYN-A, which may be a huge step forward for evolution

Billion year evolutionary change, and Scientists have seen it Click Here for Story

Air Safety at Risk

More problems from Air Traffic control have we DEI’d ourselves into danger? Click Here for Story

Funding Illegals

Democrats are defunding police and funding illegals in what world does this make sense? Click Here for Story

State Differences

The Best of the Constitution makes the 50 states each unto their own to develop and learn or not learn from their mistakes Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday April 19, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Senate GOP Warns of Payback…

The Democrats may well regret their unprecedented dismissal of Mayorkas impeachment Click Here for Story

Biden and Brazil

How tied up is the Biden Admin in Brazil’s censorship of its own politicians, citizens and X(Twitter) Click Here for Details

Michigan’s efforts to boost housing are far short of what is needed

Even spending billions of dollars isn’t coming close to meeting demand

Why Can’t We Find Politicians Who Will Put America First?

Mike Johnson betrays border security for more foreign aid

Speaker Johnson like his predecessors is putting Ukraine and Israel before America Click Here for Story

Johnson Looking Swampy?

Republicans might look harder at removing Johnson as his actions get more suspicious Click Here for Story

Adding Insults On Top of Their Crimes

New York Migrants

Illegal migrants have the nerve to complain about quality of their food and free housing Click Here for Story

Why DO Democrats Hate and Fight Against Voter ID?

Because its easier for them to cheat without it Click Here for Story

Biden’s Bad Advice on Iran and Israel

The Biden Admin has funded Iran’s bad behavior and his advice to not respond to attacks is terrible Click Here for Story

Lies or Complete Dementia?

Biden’s story about his uncle being eaten by cannibals is as unreal as it comes the only question is whether he is a chronic liar or if his senility is this bad Click Here for Details

How Many Jurors Will Be Tainted?

Getting honest unbiased jurors for the Trump case is fairly improbable Click Here for Story

Last Chance?

Can America and the West save itself from its own self-induced destruction? Click Here for Details

Can SCOTUS Right the Wrongs of the DOJ?

January 6th defendants are being denied Constitutional rights and treated unfairly will the Supreme Court stop this ? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday April 18, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Lawless Democrats

Democrats won’t take up impeachment on Mayorkas despite overwhelming evidence Click Here for Story

Biden Paid for the Attack on Israel?

Biden slams Trump 'semi-fascist ...

Giving Iran money and not enforcing sanctions pays for Iran’s bad behavior on the international stage and Biden is completely responsible for it Click Here for Story

Tester’s Seat On the Line?

Jon Tester the 'Only Democrat Who Can ...

Will Wyoming Democrat Senator Tester ignore the impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas and risk the wrath of his voters? Click Here for Story

Michigan roads, bridges, on path to get worse over 10 years

Broken Promise? We’re fixing the roads, Gov. Whitmer says

National Guard Whistle Blowers

Was General Milley treasonous on January 6th? Click Here for Story

Why Does the Government Hate Raw Milk?

Because its too good for you? Click Here for Details

So Biden Now Wants to Copy Trump?

Raise tariffs on Chinese steel like Trump did? Click Here for Story

Finally Getting It?

Bill Barr now says he’ll vote for Trump after working so hard against him? Click Here for Details

The Normal Partisan Hack

Senate Majority Leader is doing all he can to protect Mayorkas from impeachment Click Here for Story

Cheap Shot…


Indicted Sen. Bob Menendez is ...

enator Bob Menendez poised to blame his wife for bribery charges? Click Here for Story

Just How Guilty IS Anthony Fauci and Our Government ?

Man who threatened to kill Anthony ...

Covid was manufactured the proof is there and now its just a matter of time before the proof of who is responsible is clear Click Here for Story and Here for More Info

So We CAN Sue the DOJ

Department of (In)Justice agrees to pay damages for failing in their duty Click Here for Story


24,000 Chinese nationals have crossed into the country illegally

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday April 17, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Bad News for The Majority of America

Another liberal state is looking to use Popular Vote instead of the Electoral College. This will only push the divide between rural and urban America causing a further “Balkanization” of the country Click Here for Story

Illegals Being Told to Vote for Biden

And the NGO responsible is linked to Mayorkas? Click Here for Details

Michigan’s largest unions have seen plummeting membership over the past decade

Jobs and incomes are up, workplace injuries are down

Rat Fink Gets Mad…

Woke Black Rock CEO Larry Fink is angry that conservative states have seen through his “Socialist DEI America” investing agenda Click Here for Details

Caught in Failure

Peter Doocy corners Kirby with two questions after Iran ignores Biden's warning not to attack Israel: 'They did it anyway'

John Kirby gets cornered by journalist over the Biden Admin’s failures on Iran Click Here for Story

Shorter Life Spans?

Accelerated aging seen in those 55 and younger and its leading to many early cancers Click Here for Details

Jury Stacking

The New York Court of Judge Merchan is picking a poisoned jury Click Here for Story

Anti-Semite Colleges?

Over 75% of colleges have C or below grades concerning Anti-Semitism Click Here for Story

That’s A Fact Jack

Judge deals blow to corrupt Special Counsel Jack Smith Click Here for Story

Leftist Dark Money Bailing Out Palestinian Protesters

Democrats and the left are helping protesters block bridges and airports Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday April 16, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Pro-Palestinians Protesting Americans

Pro-Palestinian protesters shut down ...

Pro-Palestinians are disrupting Americans and their businesses with block of highways, bridges and airports Click Here for Story

SCOTUS Looks at January 6th

Will the government’s involvement be seen? Click Here for Story

Happy With That Open Border Yet?

Illegals taking over New York City streets? Click Here for Details

Is The Threat of a Bad Economy Going to Save Us From WWIII?

Maybe just maybe something can avert the war that Biden seems to be stoking Click Here for Story

Whitmer seeks federal emergency laws to cover mild winter

Warm weather casts doubt on Michigan’s future as haven from warm weather

Conflict of Interest and An Unfair Trial

Democrats are using lawfare to try and stop Trump from running and winning the 2024 election Click Here for Story

So There May Well Be a Crime in The Baltimore Bridge Incident?

Baltimore bridge collapse: Crews work ...

FBI has opened an investigation Click Here for Details

Feds Hid Covid Origins…

Evidence is piling up on the true origin of Covid and how some members of the US government were involved? Click Here for Story

Why NPR Needs to Be De-Funded

Its become a biased propaganda outlet not a legitimate news source for Americans Click Here for Details And Here for More Info

Ending Sales Tax on Gold and Silver

Kentucky becomes the 45th state to end sales tax on gold and silver? Click Here for Story

Iran Communicated Its Attack on Israel To the US?

US, Iran may begin moving forward with ...

Before and after the attack Iran told the US about it? Click Here for Story

The Biden Admin’s Failures on Iran

7 big ways Biden has failed on the Iran problem Click Here for Details

Hold Democrats And RINOs Accountable

New bill in the House could make every member vote up or down on only citizens being allowed to vote Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday April 15, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Welcome to Biden’s World of War

Yet another conflict comes to fruition under Democrat President Joe Biden. Democrats told us it would be trump who would start wars but its been joe Biden al along Click Here for Details

Trump Rallies Getting Bigger

Support for former President is only getting larger Click Here for Story

Congressional Abuse

How Congress gets richer and you get poorer Click Here for Details

Racism in UC Berkeley

Education Dept will open an investigation into the University of California Berkeley campus for banning white people from a farm operation? Click Here for Story

Weaponized Migration: Look Familiar?

Migration as a weapon is happening against the west Click Here for Details

Bad Michigan Politicians

Why are Democrats always backing the wrong side in conflicts? Click Here for Story

Biden Hurts Our Ability to Produce our Own Oil

Biden Admin finalizes more regulations to make it HARDER to drill in the US Click Here for Story

Is The Democrat Plan to “Get Trump” Backfiring?

more Americans are seeing how Democrats are weaponizing the system against Trump and worry it could happen to them Click Here for Story

Its Now In Writing…

Georgia election officials now say election fraud happened and put it in writing Click Here for Story

Peace Through Strength

The World was far safer under Donald Trump

New January 6th Whistleblowers?

Looks like January 6th was a set up after all? Click Here for Details

Covid 19 WAS Created in a Lab

And much of the US government knew about it. Did some part of our government also help China create it? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday April 14, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Iran Attacks Israel

Israel-Iran Tensions LIVE Updates ...

Iran makes good on its threat to retaliate for the killing of one its own commanders Click Here for Details

Looks Like Child Trafficking?

More Cuban minors are coming alone to ...

Biden’s Open Border has seen half a million children with no parent cross into the US Click Here for Story

Iran Hijacked Container Ship?

Iranian commandos have allegedly hijacked an Israeli linked container ship in the Red Sea Click Here for Details

Was Burisma Energy Company Involved in Terrorism?

Kremlin announces investigation as to Burisma financing the terror attack inside Russia Click Here for Story

Member of state ed board called for ending charter schools

Board of Ed member who said in 2016, ‘charter schools should end,’ among those voting to have state, school districts, veto new charter schools

The Federal Government WANTS to Spy on Americans

Johnson catches heat for 'tiebreaker ...

Its all about more control for the out of control Federal government Click Here for Details

Congressional Capture

How Special interests including the intel agencies and deep state control Congressional members Click Here for Story

More Un-Constitutional Rules From DOJ’s Merrick Garland

What part of keep and bear arms does our Federal government not understand Click Here for Story

Deep Dive on the FISA Bill: Its Not Over Yet?

The deep intrigues on process of how this bill is getting maneuvered through Congress Click Here for Details

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