The News YOU Need to Know Friday March 24, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Will The Draft Come Back?

Generation Z is not filing the ranks of America’s All Volunteer Force Click Here for Story

Illegal Election System?

A hackable internet connected election system IS in use in several states Click Here for Details

Thank You Senator Ted Cruz…

Was Ted Cruz Right About Russia and Nord Stream 2?

Legislation proposed to stop the centralized digital currency that will control your entire life Click Here for Story

Michigan Democrat tests positive for COVID, then votes in Lansing

Third time’s the charm: A Democrat once again attends session while positive for coronavirus Read more

What IS Bragg Hiding?

Alvin Bragg responds to Republican calls for him to testify before Congress  | Washington Examiner

DA pushing a phony indictment on Trump says he want testify to Congress? Click Here for Details

Oakland County district vows to eradicate racism, then guest speaker uses ‘antisemitic rhetoric’

‘Our students are watching us,’ Bloomfield Hills superintendent says in apology letter to school district Read more

Alien Probe?

Scientist thinks meteorite that fell off of Papua New Guinea coast could be an alien probe? Click Here for Details

Bad News for Bragg

New documents put holes in District Attorney Bragg’s phony indictment Click Here for Story

All Out War With China

GOP debates what a real war with China would look like Click Here for Details

Big Win for Kari?

Kari Lake Gets Update From Supreme Court on Her Arizona Election Lawsuit

Thought the Arizona Governor’s race was over? Technically no and the Democrats are getting worried Click Here for Story

That’s Just Stupid…

Jennifer Granholm

But its Jennifer Granholm so its expected Click Here for Details

The Ties That Bind?

Russia is becoming more dependent on China? Click Here for Details

Manchin vs Biden

Once again Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is bad mouthing Biden, this time over the veto of a bi-partisan bill Click Here for Story

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The News You Need to Know Thursday March 23, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Democrat DA Hid 600 Pages of Evidence?

DA Bragg shows once again how corrupt the Democrats have made our judicial system Click Here for Story

Why Would Moderna Need a Bailout?

How would big pharma company need a bailout and why in the world would Biden Admin be willing to help? Click Hparler

truthsocialere for Story

Battery Problems for EVs?

Repairing EV batteries is a practical problem for the industry Click Here for Story

Will We Ever See the Epstein Client List?

Gateway Pundit is going to court o expose what the government is hiding? Click Here for Story

Oakland County district vows to eradicate racism, then guest speaker uses ‘antisemitic rhetoric’

‘Our students are watching us,’ Bloomfield Hills superintendent says in apology letter to school district

Medicaid Confusion?

Are millions about to lose access to Medicaid? Click Here for Details

The Dumbing Down of America?

How bad is our education system if American IQ scores are falling Click Here for Details

Trials and Tribulations…For 18 More Months?

Will the Biden economic disaster be bad for just another 18 months or will it last even longer Click Here for Story

DC Vetoed Fauci?

Washington DC residents not happy with their mayor or Dr. Fauci Click Here for Details

UK Upping the Ante in Ukraine

Will they send armor piercing shells made of depleted Uranium? Click Here for Story

Ukraine Policy?

The Biden Admin doesn’t really have one Click Here for Details

Enlarging the FDIC Program?

It may not help prevent more bank failures Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday March 22, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

America Losing the Rule of Law

Democrats have so corrupted our legal system that no one is now safe Click Here for Details

Trump Surging in Polls?

Is it because of the continuous politicized attacks on him by the Democrats and their corrupt DAs, DOJ and FBI? Click Here for Story

Biden Releasing Chinese Illegals Into the US

As if we needed anymore proof that Joe Biden is a pawn of the Chinese Communist Party? Click Here for Details

Biden signs bipartisan COVID origins bill

Congress presented a united front on the COVID-19 Origin Act, and Biden signed it into law

Turning the Tables on Bragg?

Maybe New York DA Bragg should be put in jail for abuse and misuse of his office in the Trump case? Click Here for Story

The CapCon Guide: How to be an effective citizen-advocate in Michigan

Things are changing fast in Michigan. Here’s how to make your mark on the stateRead more

Lying Lawyer

Michael Cohen is a brazen and “convicted” liar? Click Here for Details

Cut Medicare Fraud…

Stethoscope and money.

You wouldn’t have to cut Medicare if you removed the fraud Click Here for Story

Garbage In Garbage Out…

Is the Manhattan DA’s case against Trump based on the phony Robert Mueller Investigation? Click Here for Story

Iran Ready to Target Israel

Within 3 months Iran could have nukes to target Israel? Click Here for Details

Hush Money

Its common and not illegal? Click Here for Story

Biden Puts His Political Agenda Ahead of Common Sense Capitalism

Your investments should be prioritized for growth not for climate and social justice Click Here for Details

Zelensky Attacking Christianity?

What is up with Ukrainian President attacking churches in Ukraine? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday March 21, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Biden Scandal Hiding in Plain Sight

When will Republicans fight back against Biden Click Here for Story

Kentucky Is Protecting Children

New bill will protect children from transgendering hormone therapy and surgery Click Here for Story

Michigan lawmakers have not tried to solve union ‘free rider’ problem

One in three bills in Michigan in 2023 has been labor-related. None try to solve a long-claimed problem. Why?

January 6th Entrapment?

Its looking more and more like the Feds were trying to entrap Trump supporters Click Here for Details

Xi Looking Strong

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping shaking hands.

With Biden’s repeated failures on the world scene Chinese President Xi now seems to look like the stronger world leader Click Here for Details

Hohman: Michigan media asks the wrong questions, fosters bad policy

On roads, energy, schools and corporate welfare, bad questions lead to bad outcomes. These are four alternatives. Read more

Bypassing the Debt Limit?

How did the Feds bypass debt limit issue to bail out banks? Click Here for Story

Holding Bragg’s Feet to The Fire?

GOP House is questioning DA Bragg over politicizing the Trump case Click Here for Details

The Double Standard in Scandals

Why is Trump being persecuted when so many Democrats get away with everything? Click Here for Details

Bought and Paid For?

China has seemingly hired the Bidens and the rest of the Democrats are a bonus Click Here for Story

Losing Faith

Americans have lost faith in the legal and election system Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday March 20, 2023

Fluoride Toxicity?

Fluoride: Good or Bad? - Advanced Dental | Lebanon MO

Why did the government block report on harmful effects of fluoride on children Click Here for Story

‘National Popular Vote’ scheme would let California choose Michigan’s president

House Bill 4156 would disenfranchise Michigan voters in presidential elections

Democrats and The Left Have Always Been Violent

Democrats are still attacking anyone who disagrees with their viewpoints and have been for over hundred years Click Here for Story

The Last Shot to Stop Trump

Using lawfare to push their agenda and stop political opponents is a tool of the left Click Here for Story

China NOT Welcome in Michigan?

Residents in Michigan are protesting another Chinese factory in their community Click Here for Story

Is Ukraine a US Experiment

Is the conflict really all about control? Click Here for Details

Institutional Rot

Our once finest law schools have become anti-Constitutional propaganda centers Click Here for Story

Space Race

Will the US be able to win the new race to space? Click Here for Details

Not All Doom and Gloom

There is some positive outlooks for humanity Click Here for Story

Dirty Joe…

Where are the indictments against the Biden Crime family? Click Here for Details

French Revolution

Has Macron pushed the French people too far? Click Here for Story

Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen…

Just another liar from the Biden Admin Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday March 19, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Outrageous Distraction

Democrats revive old Stormy Daniels issue to find way to distract the public from the Biden and Democrat corruption and to try and stop Trump from running in 2024 Click Here for Details

Could Michigan schools teach kids to read before trying to fix society?

Michigan’s education complex fails in its mandate, then embraces diversity and equity initiatives

Soros Is Running New York DA’s Office

And he hates Trump…how much longer will this anti-American globalist tool be allowed to destroy the US? Click Here for Story

The Open Border Crisis

Migrants illegally cross into the U.S. through a hole in a fence in El Paso, Texas, on December 22, 2022. (Photo by ALLISON DINNER/AFP via Getty Images)

Biden has destroyed the American border Click Here for Details

Ensuring A Trump Win?

The insane over reach of Democrats to stop Trump may well ensure his re-election Click Here for Details

Afghanistan is Still Broken

Al the years, lives and money the US and world spent in Afghanistan fixed nothing Click Here for Story

Two Tiered Justice

The entire US justice system is rigged and its no longer acceptable Click Here for Story

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The News You Need to Know Saturday March 18, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Vlad’s High Five?

Did Russia down the US drone to impress Chinese President Xi? Click Here for Story

Proof of January 6th Setup?

Is there now proof the Feds set up the January 6th insurrection scam? Click Here for Details

Michigan regulator seeks proposals for audit of DTE, Consumers

First-of-its-kind audit seeks root causes of Michigan’s unreliable energy grid

How Dare You….

Hunter Biden says request in Arkansas court to change baby's name a  political move

Hunter Biden files lawsuit against repair shop that exposed his crimes? Click Here for Details

The Whitmer agenda is a sop to the rich

Whitmer proposes EV subsidies that would benefit the well-off Read more

Will Payoffs to Biden Family Be Exposed

Evidence is piling up? Click Here for Story

Picking and Choosing

Government will pick and choose which bank depositors will get their money back? Click Here for Story

US Looking Stupid?

European officials accuse the United States of mishandling the banking crisis Click Here for Story

US Northern Border Deteriorating

Illegal crossings across the US northern border increases tenfold Click Here for Story

War Crimes?

ICC is bringing war crimes charges for Putin? Click Here for Details

Backpedaling Newsom

Gavin Newsom's Ties to Silicon Valley Bank Raise Questions

California Governor back tracks on his attacks gainst oil companies? Click Here for Story


Rural Oregon is done with its urban liberals Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday March 17, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden To Blame for Bank Failures

When you run an economy into the ground with bad government policies you can expect banks and companies to fail Click Here for Story

Farmer’s Get Big Win in Netherlands

Why we should pay attention to the farmers protesting in the Netherlands.

Globalist agenda that was about to destroy the famers of the Netherland faces huge loss after election Click Here for Details

Whitmer budget would slash funding for online charter schools

Whitmer’s 2024 budget proposes a 20% funding cut for Michigan’s online charter schools

The Results of Weakness

Full video of Russia attacking US drone because they know the Biden Admin and Pentagon will do nothing? Click Here for Story

Michigan House energy work group aims to address power outages

And three other takeaways from the House Energy Committee’s hearing on mass outages in Michigan Read more

Dirty Tricks Democrats

Democrat Senator Gary Peters is preventing votes on GOP amendments in Homeland Security committee? Click Here for Story

Can The House GOP Stand Up on Debt Ceiling Issue?

Debt and spending is spiraling out of control can the Republicans pull in the reins? Click Here for Details

Soviet Stanford…

Stanford law students have become effective communists and propagandists from their continuous indoctrination at the hands of liberal professors Click Here for Story

Chinese Influence in America

News Wrap: Karen Bass elected as mayor of Los Angeles | PBS NewsHour

From big cities to local municipalities the Chinese are buying influence in America Click Here for Details

Air Scare…

What is happening to flights in American skies? Click Here for Story

Wind Farms Hurting Whales?

Is the sudden increase in whale deaths because of offshore wind farms? Click Here for Details

Survival of the Fittest…Banks?

Should bailouts happen or should woke unhealthy banks be allowed to fail? Click Here for Story

Housing Crisis?

Is it the next economic disaster caused by Joe Biden? Click Here for Details

Admitting What the Rest of Us Have Known?

U.S. Border Chief Raul Ortiz  contradicts DHS Secretary Mayorkas that the DHS does NOT have control of the US border Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday March 16, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Climbing the Government Ladder…

Could make it hard for Democrats in 2024 as many Democrat House members want higher positions in the Senate? Click Here for Story

Waking Up to The Climate Scam…

60% of Americans now realize the Climate agenda is more of a power grabbing cult than actual climate science Click Here for Story

Taking Away Worker’s Rights: Michigan Senate passes public sector right-to-work repeal; Whitmer to sign

In consecutive weeks, Michigan House and Senate pass repeal efforts

Covid Fraud

Think Covid funds were abused? You’re spot on Click Here for Story

Don’t Criticize Democrat’s Money Laundering Operation?

Senator Schumer doesn’t like Ron DeSantis criticizing the unlimited money train being sent to Ukraine Click Here for Details

Filling the Gap Left By a Weak US President

China is challenging the world order by stepping into the vaccuum created by a weak and pathetic Biden Administration Click Here for Story

Rewarding Bad Behavior

Once again the Federal government looks to bailout badly run businesses Click Here for Story

Alien Mothership? What?

TOPSHOT - This long exposure picture taken on December 23, 2017 shows the Orion Nebula, as seen from Bago, located 91 kilometres northeast of Yangon. / AFP PHOTO / Ye Aung THU (Photo credit should read YE AUNG THU/AFP via Getty Images)

Pentagon officials talking about alien probes and motherships?? Click Here for Details

Cultural Collapse…

One side affect is the deaths of our own children Click Here for Story

The Dangers of Weakness

Russia’s latest move shows they have no fear of the Biden Admin nor its US military Click Here for Details

Why the Sudden Rise in Cancers in Young People?

Doctors and nurses are noticing the sudden strange rise in cancers among the young Click Here for Story

Strange Bedfellows? Not Really

In politics when it comes to fundraising adversaries can be friends? Click Here for Story

Problems for Credit Suisse

Another bank is in trouble Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday March 15, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Simply Unprofessional or More Dangerous Escalation?

The US military was forced to take down one of its own drones after it collided with a Russian fighter jet over the Black Sea.

Russian pilots down US drone over the Black Sea Click Here for Details

Now What Will They Do?

House GOP now has access to Hunter Biden info will any justice be delivered? Click Here for Story

How Democrats Cheat…

Can the GOP actually compete with Democrats? Not unless they learn to cheat by the new rules like Democrats? Click Here for Details

On CNN, Whitmer misrepresents COVID record, suggests Florida data inaccurate

Whitmer echoes a debunked talking point and admits to seed-section folly in 9-minute interview

Catholic Shakeup

Will the Pope end the ban on Priest’s celibacy? Click Here for Details

DTE makes 5,170-page case for $619 million rate increase

Five takeaways from DTE Energy’s February 2023 rate case Read more

Shaking Out the Weak?

More regional banks under review after SVB and Signature Bank failures Click Here for Story

Don’t Blame Trump

Biden trying to blame Trump for the bank failures his policies have brought Click Here for Details

The Woke Joke

Silicon Valley doubled down on stupid woke investments as they were clearly already in trouble? Click Here for Story

Biden Breaking Constitutional Law

Are Biden’s Executive Orders on guns breaking the 2nd Amendment? Click Here for Story

Max Boot: Good Riddance to A Closet Liberal?

Boot renounces his “neoconservatism” but he was never conservative to begin with? Click Here for Story


DeSantis finally says what the truly conservatives have been saying. Ukraine isn’t a US national security problem its Europe’s problem Click Here for Details

More Biden Admin Stupidity

New rules for washing machines? Click Here for Story

Piss Poor Pence

Former Vice-President shows why he’s not worthy Click Here for Details

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