The News YOU Need to Know Friday April 12, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

It’s A No Brainer to Be Voting for Trump Over Biden

Sage Steele opens up following ESPN ...

Sage Steele shows logical and clear reasoning for voting for Donald Trump Click Here for Story

The Real Fascist in the White House

Dark Brandon Rising | Compact

Everything the Democrats accuse Trump of Joe Biden is literally doing Click Here for Details

Anti-Eviction advocacy in Detroit due $20M In taxpayer funds

State budget provides $2.5M; the rest comes from federal budget

Infamous Icon of Contention Dead at Age of 76

OJ Simpson dead at 76 from cancer

OJ Simpson dies of cancer after a life filled with football glory and criminal activity Click Here for Story

Failing US School System

School absenteeism reaches new high Click Here for Details

You Don’t Say?

Now the FBI is worried about a terror attack in the US after 3+ years of Open Border under the Biden Admin Click Here for Story

Democrats Think Concerned Parents At School Board Meetings are Dangerous

Democrat Senator Tim Kaine compares parents angry with woke school policies are like alleged insurrectionists Click Here for Details

The Joke Is On The Media

BBC reporter gets schooled on the Climate change hoax they keep pushing Click Here for Details

Bidenomics: Drug Shortages

Add drug shortages to Joe Biden’s accomplishments Click Here for Story

Why IS “Trans” So Big Among Celebrity Kids?

It may be pretty simple really is it just a way to get more attention than their parents? Click Here for Details

Stealing Elections Has Always Been the Democrat Way

Importing and finding new voters is what Democrats do Click Here for Story

How To Ensure Fair Elections

8 ways to ensure free and fair elections Click Here for Details

Ignore the Supreme Court?

Joe Biden already ignored the Supreme Court on Student loan bailouts why wouldn’t his corrupt Special Counsel do the same? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday April 11, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com


Thanks Joe… 3.5% inflation for March Click Here for Story

Musk vs Brazil

Elon says he will release a document dump on Brazil’s request for censoring as soon as his employees in Brazil are safe Click Here for Details

There Is NO Right to Abortion in the Constitution

The word never even appears in the Constitution and thereby it is a State power and responsibility. The citizens of each state bear the right and responsibility to deal with abortion laws as they see fit Click Here for Story

Hack Attack?

FBI Director Christopher Wray delivered the chilling warning

The FBI warns China may be getting ready to unleash hacking attacks on the US. Maybe the FBI should spend more time on China than the phony threats of “MAGA Patriots” and “White Nationalists”? Click Here for Story

No free lunch: Students aren’t embracing Michigan’s no-cost school meals

There’s been a mere 8% increase in students eating taxpayer-paid school lunches in Michigan

Planetary Disaster in the Making?

Scientists just test-fired a cloud device over American soil with the ultimate aim of blocking sunlight

What could possibly go wrong with a program designed to limit sunlight on our planet ? Click Here for Details

A New Level of Stupid In Congress

If you thought island flipping Hank or AOC are the dumbest Congresspersons in the House think again as Sheila Jackson Lee gives her thoughts on the moon Click Here for Story

Will Senate Majority Leader McConnell Halt Impeachment?

IS Schumer about to be Hidin for Biden? Click Here for Story

Alex Jones Will Sue the CIA?

Undercover footage exposes the corrupt Federal government targeting Americans like Alex Jones Click Here for Details

Its A Tad Too Quiet in the Taiwan Strait?

China’s belligerency near Taiwan is oddly quiet recently Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday April 10, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Open Border IS The Democrat Plan

Americans are now seeing the lies and corruption of Democrats to retain power so Democrats need new ignorant voters Click Here for Story

Gaza War Not Over?

Israel is pushing back on US pressure to end the conflict Click Here for Details

UAW membership drops significantly in Michigan

Membership is the lowest in more than a decade

The Phony Job Numbers

Biden’s big job increase is in reality only part time and other work not full time employment Click Here for Story

Take That You Fascists…

Elon Musk stands up to the Fascists now running Brazil Click Here for Details

Johnson Under Fire

Mike Johnson

Speaker Johnson seems to be bowing to the DC deep state and could face the same fate as McCarthy Click Here for Story

The Real Threat of Domestic Terrorism…

And its not white Christian nationalists Click Here for Details

Rewarding Failure With YOUR Tax Dollars

Biden Admin ready to give billions to CEO of failed Solyndra debacle Click Here for Story

Elon Always On Top

If Brazil cancels Starlink contracts due to Elon Musk not doing as they demand to censor government opponents he will give it free to Brazil schools? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday April 9, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Unaccountable DOJ

The Department of Justice is refusing to turnover the Robert Hur interview audio files to Congress. Is it time to withhold funding from the DOJ? Click Here for Story

The Disgrace of Biden’s Woke US Military

How the US military treated a soldier for refusing the now proven bad Covid vaccine is a disgrace and shameful Click Here for Details

Michigan’s property taxes keep increasing above inflation

Municipalities cry poverty, but the numbers tell a different story

Judge Merchan Should Recuse

Way too much conflict of interest in a case that is already openly political Click Here for Story

Yes It Is Contempt…

DOJ Director Garland should join the impeachment list for the Biden Admin Click Here for Story

China Joe

Did China send money to Joe Biden? Click Here for Story

Brazil Is Now Officially A Fascist Dictatorship…

The only question is whether its President Lula or Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes who is running the corruption Click Here for Details

Ya Think??

Media is now admitting mail in voting has a lot of problems? Click Here for Story

Bill Barr Is Part of the Deep State

New evidence that as Attorney General BIll Barr tried to hide election fraud? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday April 8, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Pro-Palestinians Turning on Democrats

Columbia Students Walkout during ...

The schism between the Democrat Party and pro-Arabs is growing wider Click Here for Story

Violence Growing Against Trump Supporters

Are Democrats setting the dogs out on Trump supporters? Click Here for Details

Have Women Had Enough of Joe Biden’s Lies?

He hasn’t turned out to be a unifier and isn’t making life easier or safer for women and children Click Here for Story

Has China Become the Stronger Military?


Are military advancements in China besting America’s technology on the battlefield? Click Here for Story

Democrats Called out on Their Subpoena Hypocrisy

THey put Peter Navarro in jail but now want Democrats who won’t follow subpoenas allowed to go free Click Here for Story

Another Bridge Disaster Avoided?

Another container ship lost power this time in New York near a bridge Click Here for Details

End of Gaza War?

Or just a pause by Israeli troops? Click Here for Story

Corruption Gone Wild

The Biden Regime has turned the US government into the most openly corrupt government on the planet? Click Here for Details

Convicted for Praying

The US Department of Justice convicts a 70 year old grandmother for praying at the US Capitol on January 6th Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday April 7, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Truth About the Jobs Report

Are you suspicious of the jobs numbers reported by the Biden Admin? You should be Click Here for Details

More War in the Middle East?

Is violence about to increase as Iran looks for revenge for the killing of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander? Click Here for Story

Near Miss?

Did we just avoid a major cyber attack? Click Here for Details

RFK Jr Disagrees With Dems on January 6th…

Says there is little evidence of an “insurrection” Click Here for Story

Change of Mind?

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson declares he won't endorse Biden in 2024 election over big regret he had in supporting him in 2020

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is NOT endorsing Joe Biden this year Click Here for Details

“Micro Schools” on the Rise…

Since Covid 19 and increasing woke agendas in public schools, tiny private schools are becoming increasingly popular Click Here for Details

Biden’s Senior Moments of the Week

The latest embarrassments by Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Terrorists Crossing the Border

Texas Governor says terrorists are paying trafficking cartels extra to get across the border undetected Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday April 6, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Big Apple Earthquake

4.8 magnitude hits New York area Click Here for Story

What’s With The Strange White Blood Clots?

First found in dead bodies abut are now being found in the living is it related to the vaccines? Click Here for Story and Video

Executive budget for 2024 gets a substantial boost from Previous Years

Inflation, policy changes, increased staffing explain the change

Two Face Policy

Peter Doocy sends Kirby into tailspin with all the right questions after Biden's Israel ultimatum: 'They cannot be true!'

Biden Admin’s John Kirby gets fact checked on their plurality answers on Israel support Click Here for Story

The Hillary Problem

Hillary gets a new “what difference does it make” gaffe under her belt while stumping for Biden Click Here for Details


Groceries up 40% under Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Mayorkas’ Fault?

Under the leadership of Secretary Mayorkas terrorists have been released into the United States Click Here for Story

What Does P Diddy Have on Video?

And is it why the FBI is looking to get its hands on it? Click Here for Story

Two Tiered Justice? Or Something Even More Sinister?

Why is the Biden DOJ slow walking a perfect case against the man who tried to kill Justice Kavanaugh? Click Here for Story

Is This What Biden and The Democrats Have Planned?

Violent heavily armed illegal migrants found squatting in a home Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday April 5, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden Supports The Houthi Terrorists

Biden admin wants to reverse designation of Houthi rebel terrorists Click Here for Details

Is Nevada Turning Red?

Could the State of Nevada move away from Democrats? Click Here for Story

Going To jail for Revealing the Truth?

The corrupt Department of Justice is seeking prison time for the person who outed Ashley Biden’s diary that reveals Joe Biden’s questionable tendencies? Click Here for Story

Michigan law deems all teachers ‘effective’ by default

New teacher evaluation law replaces ‘ineffective’ rating with ‘needs support’

Another Angry Biden

Jill Biden gets testy when CBS anchor confronts her over Joe's dismal polling: 'Losing in all the battleground states'

Jill Biden gets angry when news anchor talks about Joe Biden’s ousy poll numbers Click Here for Details

Soft On Our Enemies

Why is the White House waiving sanctions on Iran? Click Here for Story

Biden Admin Pushing Toward War

Why is Secretary Anthony Blinken pushing to have Ukraine join NATO when it wil most likely lead to war in Europe? Click Here for Story and Here for more Info

A Nice Dream…

Congressman introduces bill to stop income tax. Our spendaholic Congress would never pass it Click Here for Details

Open Borders Leading to Open Election

Can we stop the millions of illegals from voting in our election? Not if the Democrats have their way Click Here for Story

IRS Will Target YOU

Middle class Americans will fel the brunt of the increase in the IRS budget and increase in IRS agents Click Here for Story

Bird Flu: Real or Another Scare Tactic from the Deep State?

Just in time for the 2024 election a new flu threat is popping up Click Here for Details

BWAHAHAHA: Haters Get Hated

Scottish Prime Minister gets trolled for his new hate crime bill when called out for his hate speech against whites in 2020 Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday April 4, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Bad Sign for Democrats?

Upcoming Democrat star loses mayoral race in Blue Wisconsin Click Here for Story

Sore Loser?

Who is Jack Smith? Trump suggests ...

Corrupt Special Counsel Jack Smith doesn’t like not getting his way Click Here for Details

Another Anti-Trump Judge Caught in Corruption?

Judge Merchan presiding over the phony Trump hush money case has family that is making millions from the anti Trump crowd Click Here for Story

What IS Wrong With the Canadians and the Dutch?

Why are they euthanizing those with Autism? Click Here for Details

Targeting Texas?

Are Democrats targeting Texas to make it go blue like California? Click Here for Story

Islamist Infiltration

Islamic extremism is already big in the Democrat party are they now starting on the Republican party? Click Here for Story

You Don’t Say?

In a true Duh! moment Prime Minster Trudeau admits mass migration is overwhelming Canada. When will Joe Biden make the same admission? Click Here for Details

Borrowing Into Bankruptcy

A digital advertisement displaying the National Debt counter, including what the federal government owes itself, sits on top of a building in the Times Square area of New York City, U.S., March 7, 2024.

American politicians are bankrupting America with their constant barrowing to fund the constant spending Click Here for Details

Not A Real Education

UCLA Med School Requires Students To Attend Lecture Where Speaker Demands Prayer for ‘Mama Earth,’ Leads Chants of ‘Free Palestine.’

UCLA Medical school isn’t teaching doctors they’re indoctrinating propagandists Click Here for Story

Vaccine Side Effects?

More and more Covid vaccinated people are getting cancer? Click Here for Details

Nebraska Moving Toward Freedom

Will this help deny a Democrat victory in November? Click Here for Story

Another California Issue

Government gets in your personal space. Residents are asked by the State to take short showers Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday April 3, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden IS Not In Charge

The Easter debacle for the Biden Admin shows that Joe Biden is not in charge or making decisions its his Click Here for Story

Secretary of Stupidity

Amateur Secretary of State Pete Buttigieg gets schooled when he complains about Americans not wanting or buying use EVs Click Here for Story

Auditor’s office repeatedly finds evidence of poor performance in state agencies

The office is slated for a budget cut Read more

Asking for Trouble?

California’s electric mandate for trucks leads to lawsuit. What will happen to California if normal trucks can’t drive in the state to pick up and deliver goods? Click Here for Story

Dearborn schools responds to CapCon story on illegal contract language

U.S. Supreme Court has ruled union fees requirements for public employees unconstitutional

The Biden Border Crisis

“Gotaways” have boomed under Biden policies Click Here for Story

Earthquake in Taiwan

7.4 magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan Click Here for Details

Democrats Have Failed Gen Z

Like all other Democrat constituents Ge Z is also finally realizing that Democrat policies are designed for them to hold power not to help the people Click Here for Details

Corporatists Want An Open Border

And the cheap labor that comes with it Click Here for Story

Are We Under Attack?

Like the rash of fires and explosions that have taken out American food processing operations, are our bridges now being attacked? 3rd bridge “accident” in seven days Click Here for Details

Yea, That’s Not Really “Green”

Solar panels are seen stretched over a large area of sandy dirt.

The myth of EVs and sustainable energy helping the Planet is not really helping Click Here for Story

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