Friday January 17, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Senator Schumer Playing Politics

Image result for senator schumer Graham says Schumer is just on a power grab? Click Here for Details


Feds finally investigating criminal behavior by Rep Ilhan Omar? Click Here for Story

Without Context, Water Use Claims Are Misleading (Million? Billion? Trillions?)

Water use debate often occurs in an information vacuum

A Good Economy Means More State Revenue Without a Tax Hike

Whether this revenue will go to lawmakers’ highest priority is a different question

Official Impeachment Trial Starts

Senate receives articles from House Click Here for Details

More Deepstate Shenanigans?

GAO announces report on Ukraine same day as impeachment starts? Click Here for Details

But OMB Disagrees

Management and Budget says Ukraine hold was perfectly legal Click Here for Story

Pelosi Celebrates Impeachment Scam

 Celebration and commemorative pens? Click Here for Details

Import 3rd World Become 3rd World

Mass immigration from middle east has led to child sex trafficking ? Click Here for Story

Thank You Jeff

former attorney general jeff sessionsJeff Sessions tells Republicans to get tough in defending POTUS Click Here for Details

What’s Happening in Russia?

Russian Parliament Installs Mikhail Mishustin As Prime Minister Government resigns? Click Here for Story

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Thursday January 16, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

More Winning

Phase 1 of China trade deal signed Click Here for Story

These Teachers Earning More Under ‘Right To Work For Less’

Their union is getting less, though

Motorists Already Doing More For Roads Without Another Tax Hike

‘Nothing?’ Drivers paying $298 million more gas tax + $226 million more license plate tax in 2020

Bloomberg’s Blunder?

Bloomberg campaign admits its twitter blunder Click Here for Details

Pelosi’s Non Dream Team

 Speaker picks her impeachment management team Click Here for Story

Not Good Enough

No Democrat candidate can beat Trump? Click Here for Details

Too Far

Has the world taken transgenderism just too far as they push it on kids? Click Here for Story

Dems Begin Cover Up

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) is the chairman of the Judiciary Committee and one of the newly named House impeachment managers. (Photo: Screen capture)  Nadler already trying to stop GOP witnesses in Senate Click Here for Details

Lying Jim?

Email shows James Comey to be a liar? Click Here for Details

Arrest Soros Now

Election interference is highly evident by George Soros Click Here for Story

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Wednesday January 15, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Bernie’s Dirty Secret

(INSET: Project Veritas screenshot of Sanders field organizer Kyle Jurek) DES MOINES, IA - DECEMBER 31: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) leaves the stage after speaking at a New Year's Eve campaign event on December 31, 2019 in Des Moines, Iowa. The focus of many democratic presidential campaigns …Want to know how Bernie’s campaign really feels? Click Here for Story

Democrat Infighting

Biden Warren feud could hurt Dems even more Click Here for Details

Asking for Forgiveness?

Iranian State TV journalists resign over Ukraine Plane downing coverage Click Here for Story

Motorists Already Doing More For Roads Without Another Tax Hike

‘Nothing?’ Drivers paying $298 million more gas tax + $226 million more license plate tax in 2020

Public Transit: Moving Few at a Huge Expense

More people walk to work in Michigan than use public transit

The Chamberlain Factor

GOP senators who favor appeasement to Iran Click Here for Story

No Dismissal

GOP doesn’t have votes to dismiss impeachment…yet Click Here for Details

No AR-15 Confiscation in VA?

Dems smarten up after huge blowback from voters ? Click Here for Story

You Hate Israel?

The you’re quite simply an anti-Semite Click Here for Details

The War You’re Not Hearing About

A war started by Hillary and Barack is still destroying a country Click Here for Story

Intolerant Hollywood?

Will Vince Vaugh pay the price in Hollywood for simply talking to the President?? Click Here for Story

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Tuesday January 14, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

No Support for Freedom

Democrats silent as the Iranian people protest the Iranian Regime Click Here for Details

Not to be Trusted?

Attorneys advise drivers not to take road side drug tests? Click Here for Story

Gov. Whitmer Says Michigan Carmaker Jobs Up; They’re Not

And subsidized job projections not the same as actual jobs

Booker Out

Image result for cory bookerCorey Booker drops out of Presidential race Click Here for Story

Mini Mike

POTUS hits Bloomberg over ads Click Here for Details

Biased Media

 MSM is almost entirely negative towards the President Click Here for Story

Nancy’s Dirty Secret

The real reason the Speaker held up articles? Click Here for Details

Iran Killing Their Own

In this photograph taken Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020, protesters hold flowers as tear gas fired by police rises at a demonstration in front of Amir Kabir University in Tehran, Iran, to remember victims of a Ukrainian airplane shot down by an Iranian missile. On Monday, Jan. 13, 2020, online videos …Protesters being shot in the street Click Here for Story and Video

Battle of the Socialists

 Who owns the Democrat party Bernie or Barack? Click Here for Details

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Monday January 13, 2020, TheDailyDrift.Com

Lying Nancy

Speaker Pelosi flat out lying about witnesses in impeachment Click Here for Details and Video

Canada Land of No Free Speech

Police threaten journalist for calling terrorist General Soliemani Click Here for Story

Rules for Cyber Warfare?

Congress forgets Iran doesn’t follow rules? Click Here for Details

The Back Channel

How the Iran US crisis was diffused Click Here for Story

Completley Out of Touch

(Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images) Pelosi says the economy is bad? Click Here for Details

Iran Agrees?

De-escalation is the only solution Click Here for Story

Schiff as a Witness

Trump team might call Schiff and Pelosi as witnesses in Senate impeachment trial Click Here for Story

Schumer the Dark Lord

Chuck Schumer Senator Schumer taking money from Dark PACS Click Here for Story

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Sunday January 12, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Iran at Faulty

   Iran admits downing the Ukraine Jet Click Here for Details

Iran Detained UK Ambassador

Accused of participating in protests Click Here for Story

State School Aid Deal Fits Decade-Long Upward Trend

Reapproved vetoed funds puts final budget above 10-year average

Confused Joe

Image result for biden  Joe Biden’s confusion is getting worse Click Here for Story 

Trump Economy

Hot economy will affect the election Click Here for Story

Protests Build in Iran

Image result for iran protests against ayatollah Protesters want the Ayatollah to step down Click Here for Story

Soliemanis ‘Plan?

Embassies were to be attacked Click Here for Details

Sue the States?

Should States that alolw illegals to  vote be sued? Click Here for Story

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Saturday January 11, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

AP IS the Fake News

Changes headline after trying to blame US for Iran downing an airliner Click Here for Story

Moving Company Reports More Customers Leave Michigan Than Move Here

State will likely lose another seat in Congress after next census

More Sanctions

Trump Admin adds more sanctions on Iran Click Here for Story

Un-educated or Mis-educated?

College youth thinks terror general’s death requires apology Click Here for Details

Russia Feeling Froggy?

Russian naval aggression in the Arabian Sea Click Here for Story

Trump Economy

(Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)  More records set Click Here for Details


Impeachment articles sent next week? Click Here for Story

Mullah Cover Up?

 Iran is covering up their mistake on shooting down airliner? Click Here for Details


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Friday January 10, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Airliner was Shot Down by Iran?

Click reports saying Ukraine passenger was attacked? Click Here for Details

Motorists Still Paying For Engler And Granholm’s Road Debt

Payments on those bonds use transportation tax dollars that would otherwise go to fix today’s roads

Back Channels

Iran sent 3 messages to tell the US missile strikes were done Click Here for Details

Democratic Minority Voters Overwhelmingly Favor School Choice

Don’t downplay party’s racial divide on charter schools

China May Have to Wait?

POTUS says he may wait on China deal phase 2 until after election Click Here for Story

Laser Sword?

Artistic depiction of how innovative laser defense system would function on the battle field (photo credit: Courtesy) Israel unveils new laser defense technology Click Here for Story

House Democrats Want to Weaken the US

Put limits on POTUS powers to deal with Iran Click Here for Story

Not Satisfied

Republican Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee discuss the separation of powers following a military briefing on Iran. (Photo: Screen capture) Two Senate Republicans want better answers from Admin on Soleimani attack justification Click Here for Details

CNN Runs Congress

Pelosi got her idea to withhold the impeachment article from CNN ? Click Here for Story

Control Freaks

Democrat candidates looking to control every aspect of your life using the save the planet scam Click Here for Details

Fast Food, High Salaries?

You won’t believe how much you can make at Taco Bell? Click Here for Story and Video

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Thursday January 9, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com


Image result for trump POTUS says Iran is standing down after their missile attack Click Here for Story

Pelosi Shows She Is Anti-American

Image result for nancy pelosi Hating POTUS more than loving America is the disgrace of the Democrats Click Here for Details

Water Bottler A Drop In The Trillions Of Gallons That Fall On Michigan

State appears awash in water

Democrat Fail

Impeachment stall tactics failed and even MSM is talking about it Click Here for Story

No Haggling

McConnell says no more haggling on Impeachment rules Click Here for Details and Video

Plane Crashes in Iran

Image result for iran ukraine plane crash What caused the mysterious Ukrainian passenger plane crash? Click Here for Details

Puerto Rico Earthquakes

More bad news for Puerto Rico Click Here for Story

Democrat Treason

(Getty Images/Mark Wilson) These Democrat Representatives need to be jailed for Treason Click Here for Details

From Obama With Love…

Money Barack Obama gave Iran pays for attacks on the US Click Here for Details and Video


How Democrats are betraying America Click Here for Story

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Wednesday January 8, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

BREAKING NEWS: Iran Attacks with Ballistic Missiles

Image result for iran missile attack At least 15 missiles launched from Iran at US/Iraqi/Coalition bases Click Here for Story and Video

USMCA Getting Close

Bipartisan vote send USMCA trade deal to the Senate floor Click Here for Details

Ricky Destroys

Golden Globe host demolishes his critics Click Here for Story

‘The Nation’ Blames Michigan GOP For Cuts In School Budgets Signed By Dem Governor

Cuts came during single-state recession; funding only higher since GOP gained trifecta in 2011

CNN Settles with Sandmann

Image result for nick sandmann  Covington Kid maligned by CNN get suit settled Click Here for Story

Forfeiture Cases Can Take Years, Even for the Innocent; Supreme Court May Help

Mackinac Center signs onto amicus brief in Salgado v. United States

Schumer Thinks Hes the Boss?

Schumer vows to force votes on impeachment witnessesVows to control the Senate impeachment nonsense Click Here for Details

Still Swindling

Chelsea Clinton continues her parents work of raking in millions for nothing Click Here for Story

Rush Rules

King of Talk radio  gets another record contract Click Here for Story

Biden Says America Is Terrorist

Joe Biden takes part in a Democratic presidential debate in Los Angeles last month. (Photo by Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images) Says actions of America is the same as Iran Click Here for Details

Border Still Not Secure

See one of the parts of border that is still not secure Click Here for Story

The Disgrace that IS the Democrat Party

Democrats and the liberal media continue to side with a terrorist killer of Americans Click Here for Details

More Ukrainian Corruption

Former US Ambassador was in on stealing from the Ukrainian people? Click Here for Story


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