The News YOU Need to Know Friday February 23, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Ignorance of Those Afflicted with TDS

Voters who support Nikki Haley are either self destructive liberals or others afflicted with a hate of Trump stoked by the media and the left Click Here for Story

Politicized Corruption At The IRS?

Another undercover op brings the IRS under scrutiny for playing politics and abusing citizens’ Constitutional rights Click Here for Details

Slippery slope: State board members warn against homeschool registry

Two members offer pushback at plan, warn of unstated dangers

Trump’s Short List?

Who are the possible VP candidates for a Trump Presidency? Click Here for Story

Michigan’s new growth plan: Open homes to refugees

Sponsors are expected to help refugees find housing, jobs and schooling Read more

Cellphone Outage

Thursday morning outage was it hackers or something else? Click Here for Story

AI Is Just a Super Sophisticated Computer Program…

Woke Google AI portrays asian founding father

And now its quite obvious it was programmed by woke liberals with a distaste for white people Click Here for Story

Why IS Mitch McConnell Supporting the Open Border?

One has to ask why Senate Minority leader won’t proceed with an Impeachment Trial of DHS Secretary Mayorkas Click Here for Story

Banks Realize The Climate Scam Isn’t What They Were Told?

In the end banks are supposed to make money not political agendas Click Here for Details

The Ukraine Conflict Can End But It Takes Negotiations…

And the UN, Western Europe and Joe Biden aren’t even trying Click Here for Story

Ignoring SCOTUS and Buying Votes

Joe Biden speaking

Biden is trying to buy student votes by forgiving college loans problem is the people who paid their loans or never took them have to pay for it Click Here for Details

Biden’s Open Border Plan Is Working…

This is not a mistake Biden and the Democrats want new uneducated voters Click Here for Story

The Reward for Hamas?

Biden is about ready to give Hamas a big prize for murdering Israelis Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday February 22, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

New York Stalinism

Corrupt New York is looking to seize Trump assets over their phony law suit, businesses in New York need to get out Click Here for Story

Move Over Michigan

The State of Michigan wants you to make room for the illegals and serve them Click Here for Story

Michigan’s new growth plan: Open homes to refugees

Sponsors are expected to help refugees find housing, jobs and schooling

Migrants First

New York is really rolling out the red carpet for illegal immigrants Click Here for Story

Pence Against the People

Once again former VP Mike Pence shows his disdain for the will of the people Click Here for Details

Farmer Protest Hits Poland

KRAKOW, POLAND - FEBRUARY 20: Farm tractors drive slowly to block the street in Krakow, Po

Famers block Ukrainian border Click Here for Story

Time to Clean Up Texas

Primary out those Republicans who went after AG Paxton Click Here for Details

Boris the Swindler

Boris Johnson is just another globalist grifter Click Here for Story

China Owns US Media

Its propaganda not news Click Here for Details

Biden THE Choice of Our Enemies

Of course China and Russia want Biden in 2024 he’s owned by China and weak enough to be loved by Putin Click Here for Story

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TheNews YOU Need to Know Wednesday February 21, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Chinese Invasion?

US sees dramatic spike in Chinese nationals entering illegally

If you thought illegal immigration was just about south of the border neighbors looking for a better life think twice. Chinese illegals crossing into the US already total to the size of a small army inside the US Click Here for Story

New York IS A Bad Investment for Buiness

The corrupt and illegitimate court ruling against Trump should be a warning to all companies and businesses in the State of New York Click Here for Story

Good Riddance to Squad Member?

Rep Cori Bush may not get past her own primary ? Click Here for Details

Strange Blood Clots

More odd clots being found in dead bodies is it related to Covid Vaccines? Click Here for Story

After UAW strike, Ford promises equal and opposite reaction

2023 strike was a watershed moment, automaker says

Another SCOTUS Problem

Supreme Court seems to shy away from cases it should be taking? Click Here for Story

Dumbing Down America

Falling math scores are more than troubling in the US Click Here for Story

Putting China First…Again

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act helped China export batteries to the US Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday February 20, 2024

Red Sea Carnage

Houthis reportedly sink British ship in Red Sea : r/anime_titties

Houthis sink British ship in Red Sea and attack two American ships Click Here for Story

How Crooked is the DOJ?

Can the DOJ keep ignoring testimony against Joe Biden? Click Here for Story

South Dakota In On the Climate Scam?

Why aren’t South Dakota Republicans protecting taxpayer’s property rights against the global climate scammers? Click Here for Story

Michigan taxpayers funded artistic and financial flops in last film-subsidy effort

In movies and subsidy programs, the sequel is rarely better

Don’t redirect pension funds

Lawmakers should be wary about lowering pension debt paymentsRead more

Navalny and Trump Really Aren’t That Different

Navalny was a political prisoner that died in jail and that is exactly what the Democrats and Joe Biden want to do to Trump Click Here for Story

YOUR Money… Going to Illegals

Cash payments to illegal immigrants Click Here for Details

Sue the Feds

States need to be able to sue the Federal government for illegal immigration issues Click Here for Story


This is the reason the Biden Admin is stopping oil and gas leases?? Click Here for Story

Israel Is Wiping Out Hamas?

And the UN and the Biden Admin want to save them? Click Here for Story

Taxpayers Last…

The US is subsidizing immigration including illegal immigration Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday February 19, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Dems Are Eating Their Own?

Tlaib turns on own by urging Democrats to vote against Biden in Michigan primary, stumps for progressive org threatening to help Trump

Dem Congresswoman turns on Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Uh Oh New York…

A truck with a picture of Donald Trump drives through a pro-Trump rally on October 11, 202

Truckers may boycott loads in and out of NYC because of anti-Trump trials Click Here for Details

Illegal Immigrant Flood

US sees huge population growth due to Joe Biden’s open border and the flood of illegal immigrants Click Here for Story

Will Speaker Johnson Step Up?

House Freedom Caucus wants border protection in nect spending Continuing Resolution Click Here for Story

You Can’t Tax Your Way Out of Debt

Higher taxes for the government will only break the middle class Click Here for Story

Germany About to Pull A Biden?

Restriciting the political opposition? Click Here for Details

Gen Z Moving to Texas

Texas is the new go to state for the Z generation Click Here for Story

Thanks Biden…

Migrant Gangs in the Suburbs of Chicago Click Here for Details

CNN’s Priorities Are Really Messed Up

Migrant gangs are gang raping Italian women and CNN is worried it will stir up the far right?? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday February 18, 2024 The DailyDrift.Com

FAFO: Time to Quarantine The Liberals?

What if Truckers stopped moving products into the crazed liberal bastions that are destroying our country? Click Here for Story

Oh So Now EVs Aren’t Such A Good Idea After All?

Biden admin will roll back its economy killing EV push? Click Here for Story

Michigan population, job numbers fall behind national trends

Michigan jobs and population numbers fail to follow national trend

Good Riddance Lurch?

John Kerry has overstayed his welcome in politics Click Here for Story

The Rematch is Inevitable?

Democrat donors will stick with Biden, they have no other option Click Here for Details

Governments cite debunked ALICE study to justify welfare spending

United Way’s methodology miscalculates and overstates poverty Click Here for Story

Backstabber Bill Would Support Trump?

Did deep state Bill Barr just endorse Donald Trump? Click Here for Details

Qatar IS On the Wrong Side

Why does the Middle East country of Qatar continually support Hamas Terrorists? Click Here for Story

Ivy League Stupidity

Students from Brown University go on hunger strike in support of Hamas?? Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Has the age clock been discovered? Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday February 17, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Fake Fraud Trial

Trump Attacks 'Racist' Letitia James, 'Psycho' Judge in Thanksgiving Post

New York judgement against Trump is phony justice at its best Click Here for Story

EVs force technology on drivers

Mass adoption of the EV will create a world more hostile to cash Read more

Social Media and Surveillance

For better or worse social media can lead to more control over you? Click Here for Story

The Republicans Who Also Put America Last…

There are some Republicans in the House who would rather fund the Democrat effort to send more money into the Ukraine laundering system than take of the US border? Click Here for Details

Sex Change Horrors

ITs not about mental health its about profit and poor choices by doctors and a medical industry that isn’t lookin gout for patients best interests Click Here for Story

The Phony J6 Pipe Bomb Incident

Here’s what seems to have happened based on new video and facts Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday February 16, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Fani And Her Fraud?

Prosecutor Fani Willis has some explaining to do Click Here for Story

What Were They Hiding??

Capitol police turned cameras away from January 6th pipe bomb incident Click Here for Story

Fast EV adoption will shrink Michigan’s population

The quicker the transition, the deeper the job and population loss will be, says U-M forecast

Stupidity in Tennessee?

No sale of cold beer from retailers?? Click Here for Details

The Spineless Party?

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., right, and Sen. Mitt Romney, R- Utah, arrives to hear President

Wishy washy Democrat Joe Manchin and RINO panty waist Mitt Romney on a Presidential ticket? Click Here for Details

Lost Track of Illegals?

DHS is admitting they have lost track of millions of illegals they allowed in the country Click Here for Story

More Podesta Corruption?

Guess who pushed the Biden Admin to halt Natural Gas exports and guess who benefits from that? Click Here for Details

Using Threats for Political Gain

Why is it The Biden Admin and Deep State only acknowledge threats when they can gain something from it? Click Here for Story

Do You Get It Now?

American hating global elitist George Soros is buying up American radio stations to control information and the narrative to destroy America? Click Here for Story

Unlikely Nikki

Things just got worse for the Nikki Haley campaign? Click Here for Details

If The Mainstream Media Ignores a Shooting …

You can be sure it was done by a leftist Click Here for Story

Who Can You Trust in Ukraine?

Ukrainian military personnel don’t trust their own new leadership? Click Here for Details

Smaller Tax Refunds?

As if the government doesn’t steal enough of your money already? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday February 15, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

A Step In The Right Direction

House Republicans impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas for failing to protect our border. Biden should be next. Click Here for Details

The Biggest I Told You So…

New information shows the Obama Admin and its Intel Agencies asked foreign intel community to spy on Trump Click Here for Details

COVID cash grew government in Michigan

Government jobs accounted for 32% of job growth in 2023

CBDC Propagandizing Has Begun

Are our schools trying to brainwash children into using only digital currency? Click Here for Story

Problems For Biden in Michigan

Some Democrats are pulling support from Joe Biden in Michigan Click Here for Story

Pipe Bomb Conspiracy Coming True?

Capitol Police diverted all CCTV cameras away from DNC pipe bomb investigation — except one

Its looking more and more like there was some illicit shenanigans from the DC Capitol Police, FBI and Secret Service on the alleged January 6th pipe bomb incident? Click Here for Story

Not A Bellwether for 2024 Election?

The loss of George Santos seat may not be a tell tale of fall election results but it does show that House Republicans are dumber than Democrats for giving up this seat Click Here for Details

The Stupidity of A Menthol Cigarette Ban

Black market menthol cigarettes banned by the Biden Admin will only open up a black market and fund terrorists and cartels Click Here for Story

Evidence Growing Against Biden

Has the deep state decided to throw old Joe under the bus and stop protecting him? Click Here for Details

Doomed to Repeat Our Mistakes

Once again the world is forgetting history or in some cases re-writing it and committing the same mistakes we’ve made in the past Click Here for Story

Using Our Own Money Against Us?

SOURCE: Zelenskiy Regime Spent $100M Of US Aid Money On Lobbyists In DC To Influence Congressional Vote For Additional Funds To Kyiv

Ukrainian President Zelensky is using our aid money to lobby our own politicians…for more money? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday February 14, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Election Fraud

Was the Federal government behind the 2020 election fraud? Click Here for Story

US Senate Puts America Last…

Despite the efforts by some real conservatives the US Senate Democrats and RINOs pass funding bill in for Ukraine and Israel with highly dubious language but nothing for Americans or the US border Click Here for Story

Bidenomics Hurts Your Pocketbook

Don’t let the Democrats and Media fool you inflation under Biden and his Democrat policies is still high Click Here for Story

Michigan’s school funding amendment is a harmful relic

Anti-Catholic 1970 law holds students back while other states get ahead


Phony conservatives are having their own pathetic political action conference

Jobs Boom…For Migrants, NOT for Americans

migrant children

Once again Americans suffer from the open border and this time its the jobs market Click Here for Story

Enemy of the United States

Leaked Iranian documents show George Soros linked group acting like FOregin Agents? Click Here for Story

Making NATO Members Pay Their Fair Share…

Trump knows how to get European members of NATO pay for their own defense instead of placing the burden on US taxpayers Click Here for Story

Mistake or Intentional?

and its because the Biden Open Border crisis has let thousands of possible terrorists into the country Click Here for Story

Stealing From Our Veterans

Biden Admin is using Veteran funds for illegal immigrants Click Here for Story

Bringing Honor to The Presidency?

No, not really. Biden shows his poor relationship management is as bad as his dementia Click Here for Story

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