The News YOU Need to Know Friday May 24, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Face of Fascism

AOC wants to go after another Supreme Court Justice Click Here for Story

Is It Possible?

Could Blue New York actually turn to Trump? Click Here for Details

Democrat Media Lies

Donald Trump says he will not restrict birth control Click Here for Details

Another Big Problem For Boeing?

Possibility o exploding fuel tanks? Click Here for Story

Chinese Invasion?

Its not South or Central Americans rushing the border Click Here for Details

Democrat Shenanigans

Senate Leader Schumer wants to revisit the border bill with still open border numbers to fool voters Click Here for Story

The Cost of A Chinese Invasion of Taiwan?

Chip makers say they have a kill switch for computer chip manufacturing if China invades China and the world will pay for it not just China Click Here for Details

Universities Are Failing Us…

DEI is destroying America’s chance of having good competent Doctors Click Here for Story

Who Are the REAL Colonizers

Stop blaming the whites and the West Islam has been colonizing and expanding for much longer and it still is Click Here for Story

Non-Citizens Voting

Up to 2.7 million illegals might vote in 2024? Click Here for Story

John Kerry: Traitor to the Republic

negotiations nothing new for John Kerry

DId John Kerry block FBI arrests of Iranian terrorists? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday May 23, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden’s Invasion

PolitiFact | As Chinese immigration to ...

Biden’s White House says its not his job to protect the US border from the thousands of military aged males invading the US Click Here for Story

She Just Said It Out Loud

AOC Recalls the 'Trauma' of Seeing ...

AOC admits the lawfare against Trump is like a criminal ankle bracelet to keep him from campaigning Click Here for Details

Michigan school employee: Stop using genders at historical school

Employee says using boy, girl distinctions is harmful

Special Migrant Privilege

Illegal who killed a Washington State Trooper gets reduced bail by judge who claims he’s NOT dangerous? Click Here for Story

Who Will Replace Mitch McConnell as GOP Leader?

Looking like a 3 way race at the moment Click Here for Details

UK Election Scheduled

General election called for 4 July, as ...

What will Brits decide? Click Here for Story

CIA Is Protecting the Bidens

The CIA should not be involved in domestic US politics Click Here for Details


International Criminal Court is just as hypocritical ad out of touch as the United Nations when it comes to terrorism Click Here for Story

DC Needs a Good Douching…

And Donald Trump is the only one who can do it Click Here for Details

The Problems With Pot

Teens need to be very careful using marijuana as overuse can lead to psychosis Click Here for Story

Stolen Aid

You can’t fix stupid…aid to Gaza is of course just getting stolen Click Here for Story

Toddler in Chief

Biden’s dementia worsens and is embarrassing the US Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday May 22, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Un-Judge Like Behavior

Opinion | In Judge Juan Merchan, Trump ...

Is Judge Merchan losing it? Click Here for Story

The Government Wanted to Use What Against Trump?

USe of deadly force authorized in Mar-A-Lago raid? How far will our corrupt Federal government go to stop a candidate who promises to end the deep state? Click Here for Details

Endangering America to Gain Political Points

Joe Biden releases more gasoline from the already low nation’s emergency energy reserves just to lower prices and get more votes Click Here for Story

It’s hard to know if remote work saves taxpayer money

Reporting requirement implemented for 2023 not in current budget

Democrats Are Marxists

This isn’t your father’s Democrat party Click Here for Story

We’ve Poisoned Ourselves

Has the human race poisoned themselves with plastics? Click Here for Details

Still NO Crime Committed

The phony case against Trump has still not shown any crime committed by Donald Trump Click Here for Story

Did Egypt Sabotage A Ceasefire?

Reports say Egyptian intel changed the offer between Hamas and Israel Click Here for Details

Shanghaied in Ukraine

Press gangs are rounding up Ukrainian males to fight Russia on the frontlines Click Here for Story

The Dictator of Ukraine

A Zelensky Deepfake Was Quickly ...

President Zelensky should have ended his reign yesterday but he canceled elections and is still in power Click Here for Details

Most Corrupt State in the Nation?

You might think its New York but Arizona is setting its beer down Click Here for Story

Get Your Irish Up…

The People of Ireland have had enough of their government catering to migrants and ignoring them Click Here for Story

Shocking Abuse of the Judicial System

Alan Dershowitz says the “trial” Judge Merchan is running is an outrageous abuse of justice? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday May 21, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com


Judge Merchan is working for the prosecution Click Here for Story

Hmmm… Well Done Marco

Marco Rubio goes full America first… what took so long? Click Here for Details

Merchan Exposes His Total Bias in Trump Case

Corrupt Judge in the Trump hush money trial shows how far he is willing to go to get a decision against Trump Click Here for Story

Relief or Temporary Reprieve?

Judge blocks Biden anti-Gun grab Click Here for Details

Testing The US Navy…

US Naval ships are facing off against some of the fastest missiles in actions from the Houthi rebels Click Here for Details

Another Reason to Leave the UN

Amal Clooney attends The Fashion Awards 2023 presented by Pandora at the Royal Albert Hall on December 4, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Famous cctor’s biased anti-Semite wife is telling the UN who in Israel should be arrested for in the Hamas Israel conflict Click Here for Details

Public Schools ARE The Problem

The mental problems our kids are facing are due in large part to the school system Click Here for Story

Lyin’ Biden

Does JOe Biden ever tell the truth? Does he even know the truth anymore? Click Here for Details

California Scheming

Gavin Newsom said he wouldn’t raise taxes…he did? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday May 20, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

A Liar And A Thief?

Needed a knockout": The defense team ...

Michael Cohen admits that he stole money from the Trump Organization at the hush money trial Click Here for Story

Ousting Joe?

Are the Democrats beginning to see Joe can’t win and are ready to get him off the November ticket? Click Here for Story

Iranian President Dies in Helicopter Crash

And reports say the Iranian Foreign Minister was also on board Click Here for Story

New bipartisan innovation fund proposal reminiscent of past state grant program

The previous program cost more than $274,000 per job per year

Terrorist Groups in America

DO we already have more than terror fundraisers in America? Click Here for Details


You are NOT doing better under Biden Click Here for Story

What Morons Are Funding Democrats?

Democrats are still doing well raising election cash but who is funding them? Click Here for Details

Capital Gains Tax IS Theft

And like all Democrats Biden wants more of your hard earned money Click Here for Story

Price War?

Is Target and Walmart about to go head to head? Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday May 19, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Arizona A Police State

Corrupt government in Arizona make Joseph Stalin proud as they attack Rudy Giuliani at his birthday party Click Here for Story

China Is Already At War

US is already under cyber attacks from China on a constant basis Click Here for Story

DEI Puts the Worst of Humanity in Power

DEI placed executive steals millions and after being fired doe it again? Click Here for Story

The August Surprise?

Would Democrats dare to get rid of Joe Biden at the August Democrat Convention? Click Here for Details

Open Borders Bring Disease

With millions of unvetted illegal migrants pouring into the country disease are spiking in the US Click Here for Story

Unpopular Joe

Biden insists on no audience at Presidential debate, can you guess the reasons why? Click Here for Details

Michigan Democrats Playing Petition Signature Games Again

Once again Democrats are trying to keep voters from having choices in the 2024 election Click Here for Details

Jack Smith’s Case Is Unraveling?

Jack Smith has one option to push back ...

More problems for Special Counsel Jask Smith’s phony case against Trump Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday May 18, 2024 The DailyDrift.Com

Congress Love’s That DEI?

IS Congress secretly trying to add more DEI to your life? Click Here for Story

Drug Test Biden?

Trump says Biden should be drug tested before the debate Click Here for Story


South Carolina Governor says Illegals getting voter registrations are not a problem? Click Here for Story

Why IS Government Attacking Christians?

Kansas City in the hot seat for attacking pro-Christian football star Click Here for Details

Charter school advocate says state education board accusations inaccurate

Advocate responds after resolution calls for more regulation

Do Not Question Us…

Democrat Senator Dick Durbin doesn’t want Justice Alito to weigh in on Election Fraud Click Here for Details

Biden Admin Bullies

The Democrat Deep State knows Biden can’t win and are entrenching leftist rules to thwart an incoming Trump Admin? Click Here for Story

Fair Debates? Not A Chance

Jake Tapper - Wikiquote

1st Presidential debate will be moderated by a Trump hating liberal Click Here for Story

Just Another Reason to Impeach Biden

Biden’s foreign oil policies smack of political favoritism and dangers to the US National Security Click Here for Details

Why Hide It Joe?

Why is the Biden Admin fighting so hard to hide the interview tapes of Joe Biden and Special Counsel Robert Hur? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday May 17, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Will There Be Retribution?

Will the Deep State traitors to the United States Constitution and people be finally tried and Punished?

It WAS A Lab Leak

The government, Fauci and the media said lab leak was a conspiracy it wasn’t. They lied to you Click Here for Story

Political Trials: Is Biden the New Stalin?

Even CNN is telling you the Trump trials are just political witch hunts Click Here for Details

Auditor blasts People Mover finances

Detroit Transportation Corp. rife with financial issues, according to audit

Crooked Garland

Its a good thing this pathetic political hack never got on the Supreme Court House Judiciary holds AG Garland in contempt of Congress Click Here for Story

Pope Communist Shows He’s Really Anti-Christian

FILE PHOTO: Pope Francis attends the weekly general audience in Saint Peter Square at the Vatican, May 15, 2024. REUTERS/Ciro De Luca/File Photo

The Pope slams American conservative Catholics for being real Catholics and following their faith Click Here for Details

Can The Netherlands Be Saved

Geert Wilders forms new government and will put strict immigration into place Click Here for Story

Biden On the Wrong Side Again

Why is Joe Biden always supporting terrorists? Click Here for Details

Biden Invokes Special Privilege

But Trump isn’t allowed it? Click Here for Details

Rigged Debates?

Trump agrees to debates despite liberal media channels, liberal moderators and any other advantages they can give to Biden Click Here for Story And Here for More Info

Gallego Is Wrong for Arizona

Flip flopping Democrat Senate candidate will say anything to get elected Click Here for Story

Duh…Wokeness Won’t Matter in War

If China starts a war none of this DEI stuff matters and even the woke know it Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday May 16, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Wake Up Elitist Republicans

IF you support Democrat policies you WILL be held accountable in the primaries Click Here for Story

Liar Liar?

Michael Cohen Says Trump Secretly Paid ...

Prosecuting Trump for no crime is even harder when the prosecution’s star witness is a serial liar Click Here for Story

The Michigan Fednapping Case

The phony story of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s alleged kidnapping attempt was an FBI entrapment case Click Here for Details

Russia’s Final Push?

Russia is amassing 500,000 troops on the frontlines as Ukraine seems to be failing? Click Here for Story

So A Presidential Debate Will Happen?

Joe Biden has accepted tentative debate schedule with Donald Trump but will it really happen? Click Here for Details

Paraprofessional in Traverse City gets MEA decertified and replaced

Support personnel of Northwest Education Services get new union

Bidenflation and Bidenomics

Inflation hits 20% under Joe Biden and the Democrats Click Here for Details

Unemployment agency undercalculated penalties for fraud

Virtually no attempts to recover paymentsRead more


DA Bragg offers plea deals to illegal aliens charged in vicious mob attack on NYPD cops

DA Bragg offers plea deals to violent illegal migrant criminals while attempting to prosecute Donald Trump for nothing? Click Here for Details

Credit Card Debt Skyrockets

The Biden Economy is pushing Americans deeper into debt Click Here for Story

California Regulating Its Own Demise

Banning Diesel trucks and now Diesel trains? How will goods move in California and at what outrageous costs? Click Here for Details

Investigate Biden?

Doubtful but Republican asks for it anyway as Democrats show more support to Hamas than Israel? Click Here for Story

A War In Our Hemisphere?

Venezuela is positioning troops for an invasion of Guyana? Click Here for Details

Two Tiered Justice

Protesting an abortion clinic gets you jail time shutting down freeways and airports for protests gets no penalty? Click Here for Story

Another Biden Policy Failure

The bad blood between Niger and the US is directly the result of poor decision making and threats by Biden foreign policy team Click Here for Details

Legal System Extortion

The phony Trump hush money trial is more about extortion and exploitation by liberals than any laws Click Here for Story

Politicized and Corrupt DOJ

Justice cannot be served when a department only supports and is staffed by one political party Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday May 15, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden Sucks…And the Nation Knows It

Biden calls Trump a 'loser' as he ...

The Biden campaign is fighting a losing battle with their loser candidate Click Here for Story

Corrupt FBI and DOJ

The FBI and Department of Justice are going to censor Americans for the 2024 election Click Here for Details

Unemployment agency undercalculated penalties for fraud

Virtually no attempts to recover payments

Common Sense Sports Star

Kansas City Chief’s kicker touts God and patriotism at commencement speech Click Here for Story

Changing Support

Young Latino voters are actually turning away from Biden and the Democrats Click Here for Details

As union membership plummets, home help care spending in Michigan has skyrocketed

Ten years after SEIU scheme came to an end, spending is up 85%Read more

Finally? One Thing Biden Does That Makes Sense

Biden is takiing a page from the Trump playbook and putting Tariffs on Chinese EVs Click Here for Story

Hamas Sympathizers In The UN?

Terrorists at UNRWA in Rafah (IDF)

Or were UN workers being victimized by Hamas terrorist gunmen? Click Here for Details

Empty Rhetoric

Biden Admin tells Iran to stop sending weapons to the Houthis? Like Iran would listen to anything team Biden says Click Here for Story

Fraudulent Judge?

Looks like Judge Engoron could be in trouble of his own making Click Here for Details

The New Lows of Higher Education

Bringing DEI to universities is bringing college behavior to new lows Click Here for Story

The Biden Gun Grab

Biden Admin is attacking gun rights and gun manufacturers Click Here for Story

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