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Deep State Not Giving Up

Judge Sullivan gets full Appeals court to review Flynn case dismissal Click Here for Story

Whitmer Looks to Choke Michigan Again

Back to restrictions on northern Michigan bars and restaurants Click Here for Story

Two Deaths, But Whitmer Still Closes Bars And Limits Indoor Gatherings To 10

On one day in April more people died of coronavirus in Michigan than all of July Read more

Disgusting Rioters

Rioters are not peaceful and they are brutally attacking police with technology Click Here for Story

Herman Cain Passes

Former Presidential Candidate dies allegedly of Coronavirus Click Here for Story

Casino Gambling Yes, Family Gatherings No

Casino taxes a significant source of Detroit’s budgetRead more

Feds Not Leaving Portland

Assurances needed from Governor and Mayor that Fed property will be protected Click Here for Story

Five School Options For Parents And Children This Fall

But nothing is certainRead more

Social Media is Anti-American

The Big Tech social media groups give America’s enemies full reign on Social media but censor American conservatives Click Here for Story

The Deep State Plan

Dr. Anthony Fauci says he's avoiding planes, restaurants during ...

Masks, now goggles and lock downs forever? Click Here for Details

Democrat Anti-Semitism

Being against Israel and Jews is part of the Democrat agenda Click Here for Story

Police Agencies Pull Out of Dem Convention

Security will now be a real issue for the DNC at their convention Click Here for Story

The Mask Is Off?

Inspirational Positive Quotes :Sometimes it's not the people who ...

The left isn’t even hiding their lies anymore Click Here for Details

How Is That Russian Citizenship Working Out?

Steven Seagal gave up American citizenship 4 years ago for Russia, see what he’s up to Click Here for Story

Twitter Still Hiding Hydroxy

Twitter Blocks Dr. Samadi for Hydroxychloroquine Comments

Doctors are being suspended for offering their pro-hydroxy cholorquine medical opinions Click Here for Story

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