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Admire Cuomo?

Not so fast…Click Here for Story

Indo-China Clash

Rhetoric and violence between India and China Click Here for Details

Whitmer Extends Again

Governor Whitmer extends Michigan’s Emergency Order yet again Click Here for Story


Trump Admin gets blocked by SCOTUS decision Click Here for Details

Lansing Activists Want To Defund Police 

But city owes public safety retirees $764 million in benefits

Will Democrats Hinder Police Reform?

Senator Schumer can move forward or keep dragging his feet Click Here for Details

Why Can Funeral Directors Only Manage One Home Per County?

Bill seeks to keep rural undertakers from going under

UN Hypocrites

Abusive regimes want to complain about US racism charges? Click Here for Details

Lying Bolton

National Security Advisor John Bolton, pictured on April 13, 2018, said President Donald Trump "has made no decision on the nuclear deal" with Iran

Disgruntled John Bolton sells his book with lies? Click Here for Story

Breaking America

CHAZ or CHOP whatever you call it, its about dividing up America Click Here for Story

The Scam Behind BLM

Black Lives Matter only cares if a black death has political influence Click Here for Details

Cultural Jihadism

Aunt Jemima Just Got Beheaded by the Culture Jihadists

Political correctness causes companies to give up their history Click Here for Story

Democrat Shows his Racism

Democrat Senator shows his true racist self? Click Here for Details

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