Conservative News Aggregate Friday September 4, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com


Joe Biden goes to Kenosha to meet with family of criminal shot by police Click Here for Details

Detroit Police Ban Chokeholds

Detroit Police making changes Click Here for Story

Saginaw County Stops Requiring Union-Scale Wages On Government Projects

After state prevailing wage law was repealed, local versions became hard to administer

Democrat Threats

Salon owner threatened by the left for exposing Nancy Pelosi Click Here for Details

Turning Minnesota?

Presidential race tightens in Minnesota as Trump plows resources into state

Can the Trump campaign win Minnesota? Click Here for Story

The Wonder RINO

Did you ever wonder if Rick Snyder was a RINO ? WOnder no more Click Here for Details

Democrats are Scared?

Trying to demonize AG Barr…before the hammer of indictments fall? Click Here for Story

Defund the Anarchy

POTUS looks to defund cities that are allowing anarchists to spread violence Click Here for Details

MSM Threatening Voters?

Vote for Biden or face more violence Click Here for Details

Failure: Its a Democrat Thing

Almost all of America’s failed cities are run by Democrats Click Here for Details

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