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Appeals Court Preventing Clinton Testimony

Another display of a two tier justice system by corrupt judges? Click Here for Story

One Michigan Child Age 5-To-14 Has Died Of COVID-19; Four Of That Age Group Died From Flu

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Why Is Fauci Trying to Slow Herd Immunity?

Lockdowns are preventing those capable of getting it and acquiring immunity Click Here for Details

Democrats Deny the Truth

Turley: Despite a guilty plea, Democrats still denounce the 'investigation of investigators'

Even the first guilty plead for spying on Trump is denied by Democrats Click Here for Story

California Becoming Third World

Rolling blackouts in California Click Here for Story

Biden Says Your Rights Don’t Matter?

(Getty Images)

Masks are not about your rights as an American? Click Here for Story

Who Is Next?

Clinesmith guilty plea will lead to more indictments Click Here for Details

House Democrats Will Cause Evictions

Playing politics over Covid relief will cause thousands to be evicted from homes? Click Here for Story

A Victory for O’Keefe

FBI put him on no buy list for guns for no reason Click Here for Details

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