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Show Us!

Senator Graham seeks declassification of memo regarding phony Steele Dossier Click Here for Details

Go to Work?

Ann Arbor teachers say that feel unsafe Click Here for Story

Bill Would Ban Governor’s Use Of Emergency Alert System For Policy Announcements

Read more

Paid the Consequence

Store manager fired for yelling at Trump Supporter Click Here for Details

Refrigerated Morgues On The Way For Southwest US

National deaths at a fraction of pandemic’s peakRead more

More Bad News for Huawei

US announces sanctions on telecom company Click Here for Details

Is It Prudent To Confront Strangers For Not Wearing A Face Mask?

The governor asks you toRead more

Sessions Fails

Beaten in primary by Tuberville Click Here for Story

What The….?

Dismembered body in New York Click Here for Details

Crime Culture

Democrats to blame for allowing crime to spike Click Here for Story

Bidens’s Coming Disaster

The list of catastrophes a Biden victory will bring Click Here for Details

Faking the Numbers?

Florida test results not truthful? Click Here for Details

Victim Culture

Identity politics is what the left is doing to regain control Click Here for Story

Twitter Hacked?

Rich get hit Click Here for Story

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